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Sharon Graham is on trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court accused of the murder of Bruce Saunders, 54, after he died at a rural property north-east of Gympie in November 2017.

Graham, 61, pleaded not guilty to a single count of murder earlier this week. Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller KC told the court Ms Graham was the “architect” behind the plot to kill Mr Saunders. Mr Saunders had been helping two other men, Peter Koenig and Gregory Roser, cut down trees to help the Goomboorian property owner. The jury was told that Mr Roser allegedly hit Mr Saunders in the head with a metal pole, knocking him unconscious and that his body was dumped in a wood chipper on the rural property. The two men then told police Mr Saunders had accidentally fallen into the machine, the jury heard. It is alleged that Mrs Graham had arranged for the men to kill Mr Saunders, from whom she had recently separated, but with whom she still lived in Nambour. The jury was told Ms Graham was the sole benefactor of Mr Saunders’ $700,000 life insurance policy and his will. Koenig told jurors Wednesday that Graham had asked him to kill Saunders for his life insurance on at least two occasions. She wanted Bruce killed,” she said. Koenig said he told Graham, with whom he had had an on-and-off sexual relationship for several years, that “she didn’t want to do it.”

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Sharon Graham is 61 years old.

Woman’s alleged chipper murder plot

The jury heard that Ms Graham had organized the three men to cut down trees on the rural property three weekends in a row. Koenig said she was with Graham and Roser during the second gardening weekend on Nov. 5, 2017, and overheard Graham asking Roser “why they didn’t kill Bruce.” Mr Koenig told the jury that Mr Roser had replied: “There were too many people around and the machine was malfunctioning too”, to which Ms Graham had replied: “It just has to be done.” Koenig told the court that he remembered walking towards the house on the property on November 12 when he felt Saunders “brush” next to him as he fell. He said he then saw Mr Roser standing over him with the metal bar. The court heard Mr Roser allegedly “hit him (Mr Saunders) in the head over and over again”. “He asked Me to help him get down to the wood chipper,” Mr. Koenig said. ‘I had his legs, Greg had his arms. “I went down it and stopped a couple of times there.”

The jury was told Mr Saunders’ body was lowered into the wood chipper before Mr Koenig pressed the emergency stop button, leaving only Mr Saunders’ legs visible below the thighs. Koenig said Roser then called Graham and told him, “Bruce is dead and has been put through the shredder.” The jury was told that Mr Roser then handed the phone to Mr Koenig, who spoke to Ms Graham, but said he did not remember what he said before the phone went off. Koenig said Roser was “crying and screaming” and that he couldn’t sing triple 0 because his thumbs were shaking. The two men then returned to the main house on the property and told the owner: “There has been an accident, Bruce went through the crusher.” The jury heard that Saunders had known Koenig for some years, but that he had recently met Roser, whom he knew as Roger. Koenig said Graham had asked him to refer to Roser as Roger when they were with Saunders, because he didn’t want his ex-partner to know who his new partner was. When Ms. Graham’s defense lawyer, Peter Richards, asked him if there was any reason why he did not tell his “good friend” Mr. Saunders about the murder plot, Mr. Koenig simply replied “no.” . The trial continues before Judge Peter Burns.

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