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Shanteari Weems has confessed to shooting her husband, a former police officer, in the July 21 incident. His Biography, Crime, and why shoot his husband read more details.

Shanteari Weems has confessed to shooting her husband, a former police officer, in the July 21 incident. James Weems Jr. survived the attack after Shanteari accused him of sexually abusing children at her daycare center, which she owns in Baltimore. The incident occurred at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington DC. Weems pleaded guilty to knowingly aggravated assault while armed, carrying an unlicensed handgun outside a home or business. She will be sentenced on February 3.

Shanteari and James, 57, were at a hotel when she confronted James about allegations that the parents of three children sexually abused him while they attended his Lil’ Kids Kastle daycare in Owings Mills, Maryland. Shanghai lawyer Tony Garcia claims she shot him in her own defense when he moved aggressively toward her because she felt threatened. James had stayed at the hotel while working at a convention. Police recovered two handguns and a notebook at the scene, which said that Shanteari had a written plan to shoot James. However, the guilty party claims that she only wanted to ‘paralyze’ her husband, not kill him, reports People.


Shanteari Weems is 57 years old.

Shanteari pleaded guilty

She thought that she would not survive that night. So she wrote a note,” Shanteari’s attorney, Tony Garcia, told WBalTV11 in an interview. “In that note, she wrote that she had no intention of killing him, but she did intend to prevent her from abusing any more children. He also added: “Even in a situation where you shoot a person who you think is coming to hurt you, there was a second shot, and that second shot can be argued one way or another in front of a jury, and she didn’t want to take that kind of risk.

LaVater Massie-Banks, Assistant US Attorney, said during the hearing on Monday, November 28: “Shanteari was very intentional during the violent incident, choosing to shoot James in the neck. When he collapsed on the floor of his hotel room, she walked up and shot him in the leg, breaking his femur,” The Washington Post reported.

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Shanteari pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and carrying a handgun without a license, for which she could face up to two years in prison. “We are not asking anyone to feel sorry for her, but we are asking people to have empathy for her,” Garcia said of her client, according to the outlet. The convict herself will remain in jail until she is sentenced.

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