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Shannon O’Connor remained mute and kept her head down as her victims, both current and former Los Gatos High School students, testified in court on Friday, April 21. She reportedly hosted unsettling alcohol-fueled teen sex parties at her Los Gatos property between 2021 and 2022 without the knowledge of her husband Robert Amaral.

Investigators claimed that O’Connor went to extreme measures to hide the parties from her husband, her parents and the police. Additionally, she was always the only adult present at the wild parties, according to court records cited by KRON4.

Parents of several of the alleged teen victims said they found it hard to believe that O’Connor’s wife, Amaral, did not know more about what had allegedly occurred inside her home. The couple’s acquaintances say he refused to accept that she was facilitating misbehavior by teens in her home.

Shannon O’Connor Age

Shannon O’Connor is 48 years old.

Los Gatos mom accused in drunken teen sex party scandal is a ‘dangerous predator’

An old acquaintance, whose son attended parties at the property, said: “We thought he [Robert Amaral] was buying into his lies. But the more it went on… there’s not as much plausible deniability that he could have,” according to Mercurio Noticias.

Prosecutors claimed in court documents that during the first alleged house party in the summer of 2020, O’Connor “realized that her husband was almost home, took the children out of the house to hide the actions of her from her husband.”

Former Santa Clara County Assistant District Attorney and legal analyst Steven Clark said prosecutors would hesitate to charge Amaral unless there was conclusive evidence of her involvement. He said: “It’s not just that these events happened under her watch. She helped and facilitated these events. There’s a big distinction there.”

Clark stated that, to the contrary, “it doesn’t seem like the teenagers were under his control. Even if he should have suspected something was up and was indifferent to what was going on, that wouldn’t lead to a situation where he would have put intentionally endangering a child.”

However, that does not imply that Amaral is completely innocent, Clark pointed out. “From a civilian standpoint, she has a lot of exposure. You have a duty to maintain a safe environment and a duty to care for the people on your premises,” he said.

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Amaral disagree with O’Connor allowing children to consume alcohol

A longtime close friend claimed that Amaral would disagree with O’Connor allowing children to consume alcohol and would warn him not to text teens. They would switch to new friends when the parties caused conflicts with other parents.

The close friend noted that Amaral was worried about his career and said: “It’s easier for him to immerse himself in the job. It’s easier for him to keep his head in the sand.” There was no indication that Amaral was in the courtroom at his wife’s initial hearing.

Amaral, 60, is a tech sector executive who claimed on his LinkedIn page that he played a “key role in driving four companies to IPOs and also multiple acquisitions worth over $8 billion for shareholders,” according to the Mercury News.

Amaral has worked for SlashNext, a Pleasanton-based cybersecurity firm, for more than a year, most recently as chief revenue officer. He was removed from the company’s list of online leaders after prosecutors revealed O’Connor’s arrest, and information about his current status is scant.

Amaral, who has reportedly had enough, filed for divorce on Friday, January 12, to end their 14-year union, according to the Mercury News. O’Connor was ordered to return to court on Tuesday, May 16.

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