Who was Shannon Meenan Browse? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Starve to death over 18 months after gastric sleeve surgery


Shannon Meenan Browse Wiki – Shannon Meenan Browse Biography

Shannon Meenan Browse, 32, from Creggan, Northern Ireland, died last week after traveling abroad in February last year to undergo weight loss surgery.

She died of multiple organ failure at Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry. After surgery, her illness got so bad that her teeth rotted, her hair fell out, and she couldn’t eat any solid food. Shannon had lost almost five kilos with the help of a personal trainer and an exercise program, but she was unable to continue after developing myopathy, a disease that affects the voluntary movement of muscles. Risks associated with weight loss surgery, according to the NHS, can include difficulty swallowing, blood clots and, in rare cases, death. According to Don, Shannon’s husband, she started going downhill just a few weeks after the operation. He said she could only drink Pot Noodles water and that she had cramps and pain, the Mirror reported. She slowly deteriorated over a period of 17 to 18 months, when she periodically went to the doctor to rehydrate. People should be aware of the risks of weight-loss surgery, Don said, adding that negative reviews are often removed.

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Shannon Meenan Browse is 32 years old.

Cause of Death

In July, Shannon was waiting to be transferred to a London hospital to undergo life-saving liver transplant surgery. Her parents, Shane and Kathleen, had also tragically lost their son this summer. Shannon leaves behind a 14-year-old daughter, seven-year-old twins, and a boy who turned five just days after her death. Her youngest son’s birthday was marked by mourners at her wake with cake and candles. Grieving father Shane said it was difficult to get care for Shannon on the NHS and help only increased when she was “on death’s door”, but said the family were grateful for the care they received in Northern Ireland. He advised people to “look before they leap” before opting for treatment abroad. In an emotional post, Shannon’s brother Shane wrote: ‘We will not stop Shannon Meenan Browse! ‘This is what you would have wanted. My sister took us away, all for what? Satisfactory numbers on a scale to please other people and fit into society. ‘Weight can be recovered, but lives cannot! ‘Please think before traveling abroad for any treatment. There is more to your precious life than risking everything to fit in. He warns: ‘Once you’re on that plane back, you’ll be alone, remember that. “Sleep well my beautiful sister.” Shane said Shannon’s oldest son was shot in her death and had not left the house since.

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