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Sergejus Paskevicius Wiki – Sergejus Paskevicius Biography

Sergejus Paskevicius, a child thief has been jailed for attempting to kidnap a three-year-old boy from Aldi, but was thwarted by the boy’s seven-year-old brother. Sergejus Paskevicius, 60, from Heywood in Rochdale, was arrested and charged with child abduction in July last year. CCTV footage showed him standing next to the bagging area of an Aldi in Heywood before attempting to speak to a young child at around 5.45pm. from July 23, 2022.

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Sergejus Paskevicius is 60 years old.

Aldi child-snatcher jailed after heroic seven-year-old saves younger brother

In what the children’s mother described as “any parent’s worst nightmare,” Paskevicius picked up the child and began walking away from the store. Fortunately, the boy’s older brother came to the rescue and grabbed his brother’s leg before his mother could get them to safety. Speaking about the seven-year-old hero, his mother said: “My son can’t go do normal things like go to the park, the circus or the shops.” Robert Elias, mitigating the situation, said Paskevicius perhaps “wanted some affection or a hug,” the Sun reported. But in sentencing, Judge Tina Landale said if it weren’t for the older brother, “he would have been taken straight from the store.” Paskevicius initially pleaded guilty to child kidnapping, but later overturned his plea. He was jailed for three years and two months at Manchester Crown Court (Minshull St).

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