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Sean Farris the suspect – A “minor disturbance” report about a barking dog led two South Australian police officers to the home of a man who stabbed them in a “horrific” attack and was shot dead.

Brevet Sergeants Ian Todd, 53, and Jordan Allely, 32, were critically injured after visiting Sean Scott Francis Ferris’ home on Symons Street in Crystal Brook, around 200 kilometers north of Adelaide, yesterday morning. Todd was stabbed in the neck, arm, and hand, and Allely was stabbed in the right leg and arm. One of them managed to open fire and kill Ferris on the spot. Multiple complaints about Ferris’ barking dog were clearly the catalyst for the incident. Police were called to Ferris’ home following an altercation with Pauline Flavel, who knew Ferris from previously keeping his dog calm outside stores.

Flavel explained to 9News that Ferris’ dog was tied up outside Foodland, so she untied him and brought him up the bench so she could sit with him to stop him barking. “I’d hardly tied him up and stopped him from yapping and carrying on when Sean came out,” Flavel explained. Ferris appeared to snap when he came out and couldn’t find his dog, according to Flavel. “He went off his tree at me,” she explained. “It took me by surprise when he went off on me like that.”She claimed Ferris had never spoken to her in that manner previously.

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Sean Ferris was 52 years old.

Sean Ferris Shot Dead: Crystal Brook Police Stabbing Attack

Flavel did not report the event to authorities, but someone else did, and the two officers went to Ferris’ house the next day. Before attacking the couple, Ferris was heard demanding at officers to stop pestering him about his dog, according to neighbors. Allely has been released from Royal Adelaide Hospital and is now recuperating with family, according to Police Commissioner Grant Stevens. Todd is still in the hospital after undergoing surgery for his life-threatening injuries overnight.

He was in surgery for several hours last night, and the outcome of that surgery was very positive, and he is showing signs of progress throughout the day,” said Stevens. The police commissioner commended those who helped preserve Todd’s life, including a neighbor who went to his aid and the medical personnel involved in his care. He also expressed gratitude to the people for their good wishes. From my perspective, it’s critical that both of these officers understand that the entire organization is thinking about them,” he said.

Residents in Crystal Brook have reported Ferris’ increasingly threatening behavior, including Flavel, who had never seen him react as he did outside Foodland. Ferris’ friend David revealed that he had started collecting firearms. He had a lot of homemade weaponry that he’d done over the internet, ordered parts and pieces, and bows and arrows,” he explained. Ferris, according to David, has a great dislike for police. That’s because he was getting calls from them about trivial things like his dog barking outside Foodland,” he explained.

Several investigations are underway to determine how the incident occurred. This is the most traumatic incident that I can remember in a very long time that has happened to a police officer in our state,” Premier Peter Malinauskas said. The incident, according to Police Minister Joe Szakacs, sent shockwaves across the police service and the South Australian society. Yesterday’s incident involving the horrific violence perpetrated against Ian and Jordan reminds us all of the extraordinary dangers police face on a daily basis,” he stated. It’s a disaster for the entire state.”

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