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Scott-Swaley Stevens, 12, a distraught mother ran into a fire station screaming ‘Help, my baby is trapped’ after a wall fell onto her son and partner at their home, an inquest heard yesterday.

Scott-Swaley and his father Scott Stevens were both pinned underneath heavy rubble after a DIY project to knock down a garage wall went horribly wrong. The pair were stuck for several minutes before Mr. Stevens’ daughter spotted what had happened and rushed to her mother, Charmaine Lee. She raced to a fire station next door to their home in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, for help but Scott-Swaley – known as Swaley to friends – was tragically pronounced dead after the weight of the rubble left him struggling to breathe. His father suffered a broken arm.

In a statement read out at Essex Coroner’s Court yesterday, handyman Mr. Stevens told police: ‘The wall fell onto us both after we had rocked it to push it over. ‘I didn’t use any tools to complete this. It fell onto us within seconds, which I couldn’t stop.’ Mr Stevens, who is in his 30s, added he believed they were ‘trapped under the wall for the next two hours but no one could hear us’ – although Ms Lee told the inquest she thought they had only been outside for a few minutes. Essex senior coroner Lincoln Brookes said he suspected the amount of time was ‘much less’ than Mr. Stevens recalled, noting he was ‘in a great deal of pain and a great deal of distress’ after the ‘extraordinarily tragic accident’ on October 21 last year. Firefighter Simon Tarrant said Ms. Lee shouted for help at the fire station. As colleagues rushed out to help they spotted people ‘frantically trying to move the rubble’. The family moved into the house in 2020 after buying it for £185,000.

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Scott-Swaley Stevens was 12 years old.

Clacton child, 12, died while assisting his father in demolishing a wall

The inquest in Chelmsford heard the property was ‘in the process of renovation’ with the intention of selling it ‘for a profit’ and the family was ‘largely staying in a caravan at the time’. Detective Inspector James Hardingham said police were called by the fire service at 6.56 pm. Both the rear and front of the lean-to garage had already been removed, ‘leaving one external wall standing’, he told the hearing. They rocked the wall but, unfortunately, it rocked backward onto them,’ he added, saying Ms. Lee’s daughter had raised the alarm. Pictures taken from the scene showed mounds of discarded rubble next to the house, with broken window frames and other debris on one side of the detached house.

Recording that Scott-Swaley died of compression asphyxia, Mr. Brookes said yesterday: ‘The weight of the wall put such pressure on his chest that his heart couldn’t work properly. His blood couldn’t reach his brain, he went unconscious and died.’ Family friend Scott Pepper, 47, revealed at the time of Swaley’s death how Mr. Stevens and his son were devoted to each other. ‘All I can really say is that father and son spent all their time, when not working and at school, together,’ he said.

The tragic schoolboy’s family said in a statement after the accident: ‘We are heartbroken. As a family, we cannot explain the hurt we feel and we are broken. Our Swaley was a well-loved boy who had friends not only in Clacton but also in Dartford and Wickford and will be missed by so many.’

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