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Scott Smith, a plumber who stormed a rowdy school board meeting on June 22, 2021, allegedly unleashing a storm of profanities, was arrested and later convicted of disorderly conduct. “I spoke to Mr. Smith on Friday and had the privilege of telling him that I will forgive him, and we did that on Friday,” Youngkin told “Fox News Sunday.”“We corrected a mistake. He should never have been prosecuted here. This was a father who defended his daughter.” Smith alleged that his daughter, then in ninth grade, was sexually assaulted by a biological boy wearing a skirt in the bathroom at Stone Bridge Middle School, and that the school informed him it was conducting an internal investigation. of the attack. But minutes before Smith’s arrest during the school board meeting, Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler insisted that “we have no record of assaults occurring in our bathrooms,” the Daily Wire reported.

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Scott Smith age is not mentioned.

Investigation Report

Ziegler also maintained that “the predatory transgender student or person simply does not exist,” a denial that infuriated Smith. “His daughter had been sexually assaulted in a school bathroom and no one was doing anything about it,” Youngkin said, arguing that the superintendent “covered it up.” The debacle sparked national outrage, especially among conservatives. A second attack with the same suspect was reported later in 2021. “Mr. Smith did what any father would do, what any father would do, which is defend his son,” Youngkin continued. “This was a serious miscarriage of justice.” That teenage suspect, who was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, was later found guilty on all charges. The suspect was sentenced to a residential treatment center and placed on the sex offender registry. The governor, who is now mobilizing for a competitive off-year state legislative election, has presented himself as a champion of parental rights in education.

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