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Scott Brock, 53, a former Amazon warehouse worker sued the internet retail giant, alleging he was fired in retaliation for seeking bereavement leave after his parents died less than a week apart.

In the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Kern County, California, Scott Brock, 53, accused Amazon of wrongfully terminating him from his job at its Bakersfield fulfillment center in early February. Brock told DailyMail.com in a phone interview that he was surprised to be sacked after he said Amazon rejected his bereavement leave application when his parents, both in their 80s, died within six days of each other. for natural causes. He was surprised, just surprised,” Brock said. “They were more concerned with numbers than people…it’s not right.” Brock’s attorney, Ronald L. Zambrano of West Coast Trial Lawyers, agreed, telling DailyMail.com: “He’s just ruthless.”


Scott Brock is 53 years old.

Brock statement

Amazon spokeswoman Alisa Carroll denied the allegations in a statement to DailyMail.com, saying: “While we are very sorry for the loss of Mr. Brock’s parents, it has nothing to do with why he no longer works at Amazon”. Mister. Brock’s employment was terminated after an investigation found that he threatened a co-worker and violated Amazon’s policies against workplace violence,” the statement added. Brock’s attorney, Zambrano, disputed that account, saying the workplace issue in question was “long before” Brock’s parents died, and accused Amazon of using it as a “pretext” in firing him. Amazon, by its own conduct, appears to care more about efficiency and the bottom line than reacting to real life,” the lawyer said. ‘If someone is saying, ‘my parents are dying’, take some time off and then go back to work. Don’t punish them for it.

how did Scott Brock’s parents die and who were they?

Brock said his parents had suffered from congestive heart failure and other medical problems, and the couple appeared to be entering a downward spiral of health together in their last days after more than six decades of happy marriage. His father, Harold, 87, was a Navy veteran who served as an aircraft carrier mechanical specialist in the Korean War, before working as a truck driver for many years to support his wife and five children, who grew up in Bakersfield. He officially retired in 1989, but continued to drive for independent trucking companies into his 80s and then went on to work as a crossing guard, according to an obituary. Brock’s mother, Mary, who was 85, married Harold on March 18, 1958, after he returned from the Korean War and spent 12 years working in the faculty cafeteria at Bakersfield High School. Originally from Texas, she was an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys, while Harold was a die-hard supporter of the San Francisco 49ers. Mary was also a homemaker and raised Brock along with his brothers, taking them to their Little League baseball games and cheering for them when they were kids, Brock recalled. They were the best,” Brock said of his parents. And this is just devastating. I mean, they both die at the same time. On January 21, Maria was the first to die.

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What is the reason for entering the case?

Brock, who had worked at Amazon Fulfillment Center BFL1 in Bakersfield as a “picker” since November 2021, requested four days of bereavement leave, according to his lawsuit. Then, on January 27, Harold also passed away, and Brock requested an additional three days of bereavement leave, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that Amazon’s human resources department demanded copies of his parents’ obituaries to support his request, which he provided. But after he returned to work, Brock alleges he was told his bereavement leave application had been denied and he was summarily fired. The last three weeks of January were the most difficult ever, and here I find out on February 3 that I am laid off,” he told DailyMail.com.

Brock is seeking damages of more than $500,000, Zambrano said. The lawsuit seeks damages for lost wages and emotional distress, as well as punitive damages. The lawsuit alleges violations of the California Family Rights Act, which prohibits retaliation against an employee for exercising rights protected by state law. Instead of doing his moral, let alone his legal obligation under California law, to allow Mr. Brock time off to grieve, Amazon coldly fired him,” Zambrano, Brock’s attorney, said in a statement. “This is truly despicable and illegal behavior.”

Brock’s complaint is not the first time Amazon has been accused of wrongful termination and prohibited retaliation against employees. In 2021, a woman in Santa Clara, California, was awarded $300,000 at trial after a jury found that she was treated unequally in her human resources job at Amazon, according to the Orange County Register. The court later awarded $2.47 million in attorneys’ fees to Thu Nguyet Thi ‘Nicki’ Tran, who testified that supervisors denied her accommodation request while she suffered from morning sickness during pregnancy. Last April, a federal judge ordered Amazon to reinstate a former employee who was “illegally” fired after leading a protest over COVID safety concerns at a Staten Island warehouse during the start of the pandemic. A commitment ceremony for Harold and Mary Brock was held on March 6 at Bakersfield National Cemetery. A celebration of life is planned for the couple at their longtime church, Westside Church of Christ, on Saturday, March 18, which would have been their 65th wedding anniversary.

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