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Scott Akester, 31, died in November last year after being assaulted by Michael Pearson, 30, outside a pub in Hull.A court heard that the couple, who had known each other for 17 years, argued after a night of heavy drinking, which ended with Pearson punching Scott. Scott fell backwards and hit his head on the ground. He died from his injuries at the hospital.Pearson was jailed for seven and a half years at Hull crown court last month after being convicted of manslaughter. But Scott’s family, his partner Naomi Allen, his mother Debbie Akester and his father Stephen Akester, say the sentence should have been much longer.

And now they want to warn others about the damage that can be done with a single hit, and they have launched a petition. Debbie, a 57-year-old local government official, said: “The best thing to do is walk away and not throw that punch – people don’t realize the impact it can have.”‘You can kill someone or cause brain damage. Change lives forever. It is not only that person, but also their families.His four-year-old son won’t have that support from his father as he grows up now.“And we feel that we don’t get the justice that we deserve in terms of the sentence that was handed down.’I would like to see the sentences match those of other countries. In Australia it’s 25 years for a one-hit murder.Naomi, 32, a laundry attendant, who now looks after her and Scott’s daughter, four-year-old Ella Akester, alone, added: “To kill someone like that and be gone five years from now, I feel like if Scott was nothing, and he was everything to us.

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Scott Akester Age

Scott Akester was 31 years old.

Family’s plea after dad was killed by single punch by friend in drunken fight

The Australian state of New South Wales introduced tough new laws in 2014 to try to combat alcohol-induced violence.These include a mandatory minimum sentence of eight years for assault causing death, which rises to a maximum of 25 years.Scott, who was working as a trainee carpenter at Pearson’s business, and Pearson had been drinking with friends when they got into an argument. A court was told this was disabled, before Pearson, of Saltshouse Road, Hull, launched an attack. Scott tragically died of his injuries on November 19, 2022.Pearson was then arrested and charged with murder, but pleaded not guilty.A jury convicted him of manslaughter after a three-week trial, and he was sentenced on June 29, 2023.The family says they now want to campaign for a change in the length of sentences for one-hit murders and hope to encourage drinkers to consider the consequences before resorting to violence. the way to do this is by enforcing harsher sentences.

Dad Stephen, 60, a heavy vehicle driver, said: “He was furious when he got the sentence, he was waiting around 11 years and then he would get seven and a half years.”‘There is no justice for my boy outside of what I don’t think, that’s how I feel.“That’s why I’m campaigning all the time to raise awareness, there’s no deterrent in the sentencing and it doesn’t send much of a message.”It’s a betrayal by a 17-year-old friend, it’s not as easy as people thought, so he wasn’t happy about it.”And Naomi, who is now a single mother, said: “It’s so sad to think that all we have is going to Scott’s grave, obviously you want the best for your daughter and for her to keep that, it’s heartbreaking.””We couldn’t figure out how Scott this big 6 foot 1 man has died in one hit, you don’t have to be weak or small he can happen to anyone.””She knows Scott’s gone, but lately she’s been asking when he’ll get better, will he come back? It’s hard to know what to say to him, you don’t want to start all over again by saying no.”

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