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Sarah Molds had been accused of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal: a gray pony she still owns named Bruce Almighty.

The 39-year-old woman, who lost her job as a teacher after being filmed, claimed her actions were proportionate and necessary under the circumstances. Speaking outside Lincoln Crown Court afterwards, she said there are “two sides to every story” and “in this digital age, misinformation can spread like wildfire.” She and her children had received “handheld” death threats, adding that “a video clip was taken out of context and manipulated to paint an image of me that is completely at odds with who I am.” On 6th November 2021, Bruce Almighty was being ridden by a child on the Cottesmore Hunt near The Drift, Gunby, in Lincolnshire. As he untied the horses, the boy held onto Bruce before he unexpectedly “took off” and moved about 80 feet down the road, Ms. Moulds said. Instructing the boy to let go of Bruce’s rope, Mrs. Molds said that she believed “a number of horrible things” would have happened if the boy had tried to hold on. Bruce Almighty finally stopped to graze on a grassy edge before returning to the horse stable. He was then caught on camera being reprimanded by Ms. Molds and led to a horse stable, the court heard.

The jury was shown footage of the incident, which was shared on social media by the Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs. Ms Molds was prosecuted by the RSPCA under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Prosecutor Hazel Stevens told the court that Bruce “suffered physically and mentally” as a result of Ms Moulds’ “exaggerated” punishment. “She decided to treat Bruce like this, she made that decision,” Stevens said. “She kicked him, she said she had her hands full, but it didn’t end there. “After kicking and punishing him, she passes the rope to someone else and continues. “What is Bruce learning from that?” Mrs Moulds, however, said that she intended to “briefly unload” the animal, but she denied losing her temper. “At that point [Bruce] had done something incredibly dangerous, and at that exact moment, I decided that the right thing to do was to quickly discipline him,” she said. “Actually, at the time, it was four seconds. “My intention was then, and always was, to discipline Bruce on the spot so he wouldn’t do it again.

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Sarah Molds is 39 years old.

Ex-teacher filmed kicking and slapping pony cleared of cruelty

There was minimal contact and it was very quick and very brief.” But there were no signs of external injuries on Bruce, the vet added, and internal injuries could only be confirmed by postmortem examination. Bruce was taken to a vet 10 days after the video was made and found to be in good health. Mrs Moulds’ lawyer, Derek Duffy, told the jury: “Sarah Moulds says: ‘I was punishing that horse for running away because it’s a child’s pony, and if a pony runs away on a road with a child holding it, it’s a dangerous hazard.” activity’. “The reason the horse is punished is because he can’t be told what to do. “We are in an area of speculation because there is no empirical evidence that can be trusted. “The RSPCA did not test this horse. “There is no evidence to indicate that he suffered any harm.” The RSPCA said it accepted the jury’s decision. Ms. Molds told the jury that she has four horses, she has ridden since she was four years old and that she owned Bruce for two and a half years at the time of the incident. Along with friends and family, she wept as the verdict was delivered.

She said outside court: “It is deeply concerning that, in this digital age, misinformation can spread like wildfire, leading to premature trials and endangering the lives and careers of innocent people. “A snippet of video was taken out of context and manipulated to paint an image of me that is completely at odds with who I am. “I adore my animals and have dedicated my life to teaching and nurturing young minds, it was heartbreaking to be so publicly and wrongly maligned. “It’s crucial to understand that what we see on the internet, especially on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, is often a fragmented version of the truth. “Today’s jury decision has vindicated me. However, the damage caused by social media in the trial of the last 20 months is irreversible. “The loss of my career, the death threats directed at me and my children personally, and the anguish caused to my family cannot be undone. “My loved ones have had to watch helplessly as our lives have fallen apart based on falsehoods.” The pony lives on Mrs Molds’ property in Somerby, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, and has a “wonderfully idyllic” life, she said. And she added: “I will certainly never  strike a horse, discipline a horse, in that manner because my life has been torn to pieces as a result of that four-second decision.”

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