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Sara Sharif, the 10-year-old British girl found dead alone in her family’s home, was so badly injured that her mother and grandmother could barely recognize her at the morgue. Police found Sara’s injured body at her home in Woking, south London, after her father fled the UK on a plane and called the authorities after landing in Pakistan. Urfan Sharif remains a fugitive, but his family, under pressure, is urging him to surrender following the arrest of several relatives by police in Pakistan. In an interview on Polish television, Sara’s mother and grandmother described the wounds they claimed to have seen on her schoolgirl’s body when they went to identify her at the morgue. “One of her cheeks was swollen and the other side of her was bruised,” said Olga Sharif, Sara’s mother. “Even now, when I close my eyes I can see what my baby looked like.” Sara was dressed in Mickey Mouse pajamas, she said, and her body was covered with a quilt. “No mother should see something like that,” she said. Olga Sharif split from her husband in 2017 and had only seen Sara twice in that time, she told The Sun newspaper.

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Sara Sharif was 10 years old.

Five children who left UK with dead girl’s father found by Pakistan police

Sara’s grandmother was crying as she described what it was like to go to the morgue. She said Sara “was completely changed and bruised” and “if someone hadn’t told me she was Sara, I wouldn’t have believed it.” Separated from her mother, Sara was living with her father, her stepmother Beinash Batool, her uncle and her five brothers and sisters in the Woking house when she died. In an act of apparent desperation, Urfan Sharif booked eight one-way plane tickets to Pakistan a day before Sara was found. Since August 9, he is believed to have been in hiding with Batool, her brother and her children in Pakistan. Urfan’s father, Muhammad Sharif, 68, told The Guardian that his son had sent him a voicemail last week asking for advice on what to do. Muhammad said he had urged Urfan to come forward because of the pressure his family felt from police searching for the wanted group. “I contacted Urfan earlier this week for the first time since he went into hiding,” Muhammad said, outside his home in Jhelum, where Urfan grew up.

“He contacted me via voicemail. I urged him to surrender because now we cannot bear this pressure. I asked him to plead his case in court and give us relief but we cannot bear the police pressure and more arrests.” In a previous interview, Muhammad Sharif claimed that Urfan had not told him how Sara had died, except that it was an “accident” and that his son was hiding “out of fear.” Police in Pakistan have detained several family members in recent weeks as the manhunt intensified. From an unknown location, Sara’s father and stepmother posted a surprise video last week to make their first public comments since her death. Reading from a notebook, Batool described Sara’s death as an “incident.” and then claimed they were too afraid to turn themselves in to police in Pakistan. Batool spent only two sentences referring to Sara, while Urfan Sharif did not say anything during the short, low-quality video. There is no formal extradition treaty between the UK and Pakistan. UK police are working with international agencies, including Interpol and the UK Foreign Office, to progress their investigations with Pakistani authorities.

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