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Santos Asucena Caseres Cruz Wiki – Bio

Santos Asucena Caseres Cruz, a mother who left her newborn baby dead has been officially charged with child neglect. She kept her pregnancy a secret from her family and then hid her child in a box. She was arrested Friday, March 24 and is currently being held in the Jefferson County Jail after being charged with neglecting a child resulting in death and moving, hiding or burying the corpse of a child. in connection with the body of a baby discovered in a field earlier this month.

At approximately 11 a.m. on March 4, Whitewater Police Department officers responded to the scene of an infant death at Twin Oaks Trailer Park, which is about 55 miles west of Milwaukee, according to a criminal complaint. filed in the Jefferson County Circuit Court. The authorities found a cardboard package five meters from the road in which they found the infant’s remains, a black garbage bag and a piece of red cloth. The report states that investigators claimed the baby was wrapped in a bloodstained shirt. According to police, the infant still had “ruminant blood from birth in his body” and his umbilical cord was still attached.

Santos Asucena Caseres Cruz Age

Santos Asucena Caseres Cruz is 39 years old.

Santos left dead newborn in field

The results of an autopsy did not instantly reveal the cause of death. A crime lab received the box for examination. Using forensic imaging, investigators produced an image of the shipping label with the location clearly visible. The person whose location was found was listed in the document as ‘Witness 1’. In a police questioning on March 24, Witness 1 stated that his father had said that he thought Cruz, the mother of Witness 1, was having an affair and was conceived by a man who was not the father of Witness 1. Witness 1 she also stated that her father thought her mother had later had an abortion.

Cruz was questioned by investigators after that and stated that she “was not pregnant and did not hide a newborn baby in a field,” according to the complaint. “She said that she would never do that to a baby,” the document says. “She said her ex-husband’s accusations that he was abusive were false.” The woman reportedly accessed a search of the vehicle and home and gave authorities a mouth swab. pain. Witness 2 reported that she thought her mother had been bleeding because there was a lot of blood.

Her mother reportedly revealed that she was pregnant and gave birth on January 27 to her during a second interview with her on March 24. She kept her pregnancy a secret from her children for fear that she would not be able to keep in touch with them “because she was pregnant by a different man than her father”. She described how the boy was born in the bathtub, where she also noticed that he was not crying or breathing. After reviewing it, she placed the placenta and the baby inside a plastic bag that she claimed to have left open in case the child started to breathe. Cruz then stored her bag in a cabinet under the sink.

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Checked on the box every day and cried

Cruz changed her statement to reflect that she “knew the baby was alive when she was born, but was possibly drowning,” according to the complaint. She can be accessed on the official criminal complaint at Law & Crime. “When her baby was born, he should have been alive, and she did nothing, that’s how she could have died,” she reads. “After the baby was born, he started turning purple. Her face began to turn purple first, then as the night progressed her body, then her arms and hands. She never helped the baby. She didn’t call 911 because she was afraid her children would find out she was pregnant.”

Cruz placed the baby in a box next to her bed and “cried all night” because she was too afraid to call 911 while her children slept. She then got into her vehicle, drove to a field near the trailer park and left the baby there. She further said that she “would go through the box every day and cry.” The cause of death is not known, according to the Milwaukee Medical Examiner’s Office. Cruz was taken into custody and her bond was set at $10,000. She will appear in court for a preliminary hearing on April 4.

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