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Salahuddin S. the suspect – The half-naked body of a Polish hotel worker who was allegedly raped and killed has been found wrapped in a bag in Kos in a case that has shocked Greece.

The strangled remains of Anastazja Rubińska were found by Greek police after a week-long investigation following the 27-year-old’s disappearance. Her devastated father, Andrzej Rubiński, said she was very trusting and ‘thought everyone was friendly’, adding to the Polish newspaper Onet: ‘She was a good girl, albeit reckless.’ Last seen on Monday, June 12 in a local café, Rubińska was found dead about half a mile from the home of a 32-year-old man from Bangladesh who has since been arrested, and 500 meters from where her mobile phone was found on Saturday. Police have now confirmed that the body was that of Rubińska, who was from Wrocław and worked in a five-star hotel in the tourist town of Marmari together with her Polish boyfriend. They have also named a suspect, named as Salahuddin S. He appeared in court today and denied all charges. Rubińska’s father said his wife traveled to identify their daughter’s body. He said her body was in such a ‘terrible state’ after being outside in the heat for six days, the coroner reportedly had to ‘properly prepare the corpse first so that my wife would not get a shock.’

When his wife flew to Greece on Friday, he said he already had a bad feeling and told his wife she was only ‘going for the body’. For the devastated father, who stayed behind in Poland, there is no doubt she was ‘kidnapped, raped and murdered’ after disappearing a week ago. He said she had burned her hand a few days before she went missing and in her search for remedies, had the ‘stupid idea to smoke a joint’, which some men she met at the market allegedly wanted to arrange for her. They were deceiving her, apparently waiting for it to get dark. Maybe in the few hours she spent with them, they put something in her drink,’ her father speculated to Onet about his trusting daughter.

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Salahuddin S. is 32 years old.

Salahuddin S. Arrested: Suspect in the Murder of Anastazja Rubińska

Now, Poland has demanded that Greece hands over the man accused of her murder. Having only been on the island for a couple of weeks, according to local reports she met a group of men from Bangladesh and Pakistan and wanted to buy some cannabis. A few minutes after telling her partner one of them would drive her home, she contacted him again asking him to pick her up and sent him the location. But when he arrived she was nowhere to be found. A local farm worker from Bangladesh has now been arrested on suspicion of attempted kidnapping and murder.

Salahuddin S., who was picked up with scratch marks on his arms and face, was employed on a local farm after reportedly arriving in Greece as an illegal immigrant ‘two or three years ago’. Local radio Ekfrasi97 told Poland’s Fakt newspaper: ‘As an illegal immigrant, [he] was arrested and then passed an identification process. He probably spent some time in the camp and then applied for asylum.’ Originally telling cops that he had had consensual sex with the victim, officers searched his apartment and found traces of her DNA, a bloodied blouse and strands of her blonde hair. They also found a plane ticket he had bought the day after her disappearance for a flight to Italy. Appearing in court today, he denied all charges. Now the Polish government says it wants to open its own investigation into the case and has demanded Greek authorities hand over ‘all evidence.’ Poland’s prime minister has also called for the man to be extradited so that he can be ‘dealt with severely.’


Rubińska’s brother paid tribute to his sister on social media, writing: ‘It’s hard for me to write this… But rest in peace, sis. Be blessed in the next world, and rest assured that justice will be done.’

Poland has also called upon Greek authorities to hand over details of the investigation. Posting on Twitter today, Poland’s justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro said that he had ‘ordered an investigation’ and that ‘the case will be handled by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Wroclaw.’ He added: ‘Prosecutors will immediately ask Greek investigators to provide evidence.’

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