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Sakhidad Ahadi Wiki- Sakhidad Ahadi Biography

Sakhidad Ahadi, An Afghan asylum seeker has been jailed for twice raping a 12-year-old “vulnerable” Albanian refugee who lives in the same Interior Ministry-funded hotel.

Sakhidad Ahadi, 25, who continues to lie about her age and was deemed ‘dangerous’ by the judge, received twelve years in prison after grooming the young woman and persuading her to enter her room.He is determined to pursue a life in the UK, claiming that the Taliban shot him when he refused to be drafted, after enduring the murder of his father at the hands of the country’s rulers.The girl and her brother had been brought to the UK by her mother and the family stayed at the historic Queens Hotel, Crystal Palace, known locally as the ‘Hotel Asylum’.It is proud to have an English Heritage blue plaque on the exterior, noting that the French novelist Emile Zola resided between 1898 and 1899. Ahadi pleaded guilty to one count of raping the girl and a jury from Croydon Crown Court convicted him of a second count of raping her on the same occasion between December 22, 2022 and January 1, 2023.He claimed that she consented to s*x and that she believed she was 19, and her lawyer Lisa Wilson said: “Perceiving age may not be so clear to someone who grew up in the mountains of Afghanistan.”

Both the defendant and the victim lived in the hotel, housed there by the Home Office with other asylum seekers,” prosecutor Janine Sheff told the court.“He made several attempts to talk to her and followed her and she said he bothered her and once took her into her room and massaged her injured foot.“She says that he was afraid of her and he sought physical contact with her and on the day of her crimes he approached her near the hotel elevators and offered her cream for spots on her face.She went with him to her room and he said that she would massage him and hit his back, but she was scared and told him that she was 12 years old.He put the cream on her and pulled her pants down and she said it hurt and made her cry. He then handed her over and raped her again.”She made a mess on her bed and the defendant tried to clean it up with toilet paper,” the prosecutor said, explaining that it was the young woman’s time of the month. “He gave her five pounds and a SIM card to buy her silence.” and to potentially participate in future activities, as she was urged to stay in touch via mobile phone.”

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Sakhidad Ahadi Age

Sakhidad Ahadi is 25 years old.

Investigation Report

The Probation Services pre-sentence report notes that this is classic grooming behavior.”The girl kept the rapes a secret from her mother until she told a hotel security guard that she was afraid of Ahadi and she reported it to the police.When the officers arrived, she revealed to them for the first time that she had been raped and the first recorded police interview of her had to be discarded because she was so distraught.”The victim also has a learning difficulty which makes her particularly vulnerable,” Ms Sheff said, adding that a medical examination showed evidence of two internal lacerations.Ahadi was arrested on January 2 and has been in custody ever since. “He claimed that she had walked into her bedroom while he was studying for college and initiated sex and thought she was 19 years old.”In her victim impact statement, the girl said: ‘I feel super stressed, have emotional outbursts and cry all the time. I lie awake at night and feel like someone is after me.”

Her mother said: “The sky has fallen on my head and destroyed me. We came to this country for safety and I didn’t want something like this to happen to my children.’Ms Wilson said of Ahadi, who required an interpreter throughout the trial: “He has gone to great lengths to learn English and seeks to take advantage of being a civilian in this country, whether he is a prisoner or not.“Judge Anthony Dunne told Ahadi, dressed in a gray tracksuit: “You touched her and took off her pants and raped her first when she was face down and a medical examination revealed that you ripped her.””Despite his young age and her obvious distress, you turned it over and after you were done there was a mess on the bed, which you cleaned up with toilet paper.”He told you his real age and that he was twelve years old. She denied telling him that she was nineteen years old and her version of events has been proven.The jury concluded that she was telling the truth and that you were lying.It has been said that her cultural background prevented him from knowing that she was twelve years old. I reject it as implausible.“While she was in obvious distress, you raped her and she was vulnerable and had learning difficulties.

“His sexual assault of her has had a significant effect on her mental health and her actions have had a very significant psychological effect on her and her mother.” “The mother says that she has been destroyed by what happened to her daughter.’Ahadi continues to lie he is only twenty years-old, but Judge Dunne confirmed: ‘The records of the relevant authorities show that he is twenty-five years-old.’I accept you had difficulties in your childhood in Afghanistan and you were vulnerable at the time of the offence and your epilepsy will make life more difficult in prison,’ the judge told him.’I have heard you have made good progress in prison and this is to your credit.’However Judge Dunne added: ‘I am satisfied you are a risk and meet the ‘dangerousness’ criteria and you present a significant risk to the public.’You showed no remorse or insight for these offences,’ said the Judge, ordering an extended sentence of an additional three years on licence once Ahadi is released.He must serve at least eight years in custody before he is considered for parole and will remain on the s*x offenders register for life.

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