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Saint Von Colucci, a 22-year-old Canadian actor died after spending $220,000 on 12 cosmetic operations to play BTS’s KPOP singer Jimin for a US streaming network.

Saint Von Colucci died on Sunday morning in a South Korean hospital after problems from cosmetic treatments he received a few months earlier. His publicist told that he had surgery on Saturday night to remove implants he had placed in his jaw in November. He claimed that the young artist had an infection from the implants and that due to complications, he was intubated and died hours later. It’s awful and unfortunate,’ said his publicist, Eric Blake, who has been working with the young actor since March 2022.

Van Colucci had 12 cosmetic procedures in the previous year, according to him, including jaw surgery, implants, a facelift, a nose job, an eye lift, an eyebrow lift, a lip reduction, and other minor surgeries. He told that his client was aware of the risks of jaw implant surgery, which involves reshaping your natural jaw and implanting implants, but he still wanted to undergo it. He was quite insecure about his appearance,’ Blake explained. ‘H had a very square jawline and chin, which he didn’t like because he believed it was too wide, and he wanted a V-shape, which many Asians have.’

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Saint Von Colucci was 22 years old.

Canadian actor dies at age 22 following 12 cosmetic procedures

Blake explained to Colucci began shooting the Korean drama ‘Pretty Lies,’ (Cogimar in Korean), in June and finished in December. He portrayed an overseas student as one of the primary protagonists. Though he was hesitant to provide any information, he did say the eight-episode miniseries will premiere on a big US streaming network in October. ‘He was very excited and worked really hard,’ Blake recalled, adding that he hoped the event would generate enough publicity to launch his music career.

He stated that Colucci visited South Korea in 2019 to try to break into the music scene. A company brought him over and covered his accommodation, transportation, and living expenses. He stated that he had a seven-year deal with him. Despite Colucci’s remarkable attributes, which comprised dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and a 6-foot tall and 182-pound body, Blake stated that he was very unhappy about his appearance.’ ‘He was really self-conscious about his face,’ Blake added. ‘It was quite difficult for him to get work in South Korea, and he felt very prejudiced against because of his Western appearance.’

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