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Ryan Furtado, 32, was found dead by police in his downtown Brooklyn apartment on Jan. 13, 2022, according to the lawsuit filed in Kings County Supreme Court. Furtado had been completing one of the exercise giant’s “Core” workouts at the time, which required him to get off the bike to perform exercises on the floor, court documents filed by his mother, Johanna Furtado, state. “While getting up from those exercises, Ryan used the bike to help him up,” the document states. “The bike spun and struck him in the neck and face, severing the carotid artery in his neck and killing him instantly.” When the NYPD found him, the bike “was still resting on his neck and face,” states the lawsuit, which was quietly filed in March. Furtado’s mother alleges that the exercise giant instructs riders to “use the bike to stretch” during its classes, but that “applying pressure on the bike by pulling and pushing” causes the equipment to “destabilize and fall,” according to The file.

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Ryan Furtado Age

Ryan Furtado was 32 years old.

Mom Says Dangerous Peloton Bike Killed Her Son ‘Instantly’

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Peloton failed to adequately warn riders that getting off the ground mid-workout would increase “an unknown risk of injury to the user, as in Ryan’s case.” “There is only one warning label on the bicycle in question located on the right front leg, when there should be more labels attached to the stem and base to adequately warn the user of injuries that could occur if the bicycle in question is used for pulling . getting up off the ground during a workout,” the document states. The lawsuit adds that Peloton’s bikes are “defective and/or unreasonably dangerous.” “As a direct and proximate result of Peloton’s prior conduct, Ryan was murdered,” the lawsuit states. Peloton, however, claimed in its own court filing that Furtado’s death and “alleged injuries were caused by misuse or abuse of the product.”

An attorney for the company did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment Thursday. Furtado’s mother is seeking payment from the company to cover her son’s final medical care expenses, funeral and burial costs, as well as damages for her own pain and suffering. The lawsuit is believed to detail the first known death involving one of Peloton’s bikes, according to the Daily Beast, which first reported on the case on Wednesday. It is the latest saga for the beleaguered company, which experienced tremendous commercial success during the COVID-19 pandemic but has since been hit by a series of accidents and recalls related to its products. In 2021, a 6-year-old boy died after being sucked into a Peloton treadmill, while a 3-year-old boy suffered a “significant brain injury” following an incident involving the now-discontinued Peloton Tread Plus. Earlier this year, Peloton Interactive was forced to recall 2.2 million stationary bikes due to the risk of injury from a seat-related issue, a move that sent shares plummeting.

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