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Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, 30, was discovered unresponsive outside the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station at approximately 6 p.m., Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said during a news conference Saturday night. Clinkunbroomer was rushed nearly 10 miles away to Antelope Valley Medical Center in Lancaster, where he was in critical condition before succumbing to his injury. “I assume at this point he was in uniform. That, to me, is disgusting,” Luna said. The gunman remains at large as of Sunday morning. The senseless killing comes about four days after Clinkunbroomer just got engaged to his girlfriend, the sheriff revealed. “We’re going to catch the person who did this,” Luna said. “All the resources that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has to endure are coming after you.” Law enforcement was seen blocking off a large area outside the station, located about 60 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, with duct tape as they began their investigation into the officer’s unprovoked killing. Dramatic video recorded by a bystander showed several patrol cars taking the officer to the hospital. Investigators are analyzing video that shows a car slowly approaching behind an LASD car around the time the shooting occurred, Luna said.

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Ryan Clinkunbroomer was 30 years old.

Investigation Report

Security video reviewed by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin purportedly showed a black car pulling up next to the officer while he was in his patrol car stopped at a red light near the station. Moments later, the black car drives away as the officer’s patrol car slowly moves forward before stopping, Melugin shared. Luna stopped reading his notes during the press conference to ask the public for help in identifying the suspect who carried out the cold-blooded murder. “We really need his help. We need to get this guy off the street. Boy or boys,” Luna stressed. “He is a threat to public safety. He ambushed and killed one of our assistants.” Clinkunbroomer spent about eight years with the department and was transferred to the Palmdale station in July 2018. The officer had been a field training officer for nearly two years. He was a third-generation LASD member, following in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather. “Almost everyone worked with his father,” Luna said of the high-ranking members of the LASD. “We are suffering because we lost someone. “It always hurts.” “They try to prepare you for this and no matter how hard they try, it hurts a lot.”

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