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Ryan Christopher Palmeter, 21, who opened fire at a Dollar General Saturday afternoon with two weapons, including an AR-15-style rifle painted with a swastika, had had social difficulties growing up, according to Andrés Sánchez, a former classmate. class. Palmeter was “involved in Internet humor” and was “introverted and socially awkward,” he told News4Jax. “Sometimes he would go to his house and play video games,” said Sanchez, who is reportedly two years older than Palmerer and lives down the street from his family’s home in suburban Orange Park. , fl. Another neighbor, who never met Palmeter but knows his parents well, speculated to the outlet that he was taking medication.“From what I understand, he was on medication, and for some reason, he came off it probably a few days or a couple of days early. That’s probably when he broke out,” said the man, identified as Greg. “His parents are the type of people who help anyone, anytime, anywhere. And it was a tragedy when that happened, ”he would have added.

Angela Michelle Carr, 52, clerk at Anolt Joseph “A.J.” Laguerre Jr., 29, and Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion, 19, were killed in the shooting, Jacksonville County Sheriff TK Waters said at a news conference Sunday. Palmeter left behind a nearly 30-page violent manifesto directed at his parents, the media, and the feds, according to Waters. After the attack, the suspect walked into the store’s office and texted his father to “use a screwdriver to get into my room,” Waters said. “The father walks into the room and finds a last will and testament along with a suicide note on his laptop,” he said. The text to his father came too late for anyone to stop the horrifying spate of killings, according to police and the family’s neighbor. “When they got the note from him, saying he was going to do this or thinking about doing this. It was already too late. When the Clay County sheriff was called, he had already committed the shooting,” Greg told the station.

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Ryan Christopher Palmeter was 21 years old.

Jacksonville shooting: Investigation Report

“The manifesto is, frankly, the diary of a madman,” Waters said, adding that Palmer had been detained for an emergency mental health evaluation for three days in 2017 under the state’s Baker Act, but had never been convicted of a crime and had purchased the weapons used in the rampage legally. “It was completely irrational… but he was 100% lucid. He knew what he was doing,” Waters said. Palmer, wearing a tactical vest, mask, and gloves, fired 11 rounds at Carr as she sat in a car in the store’s parking lot at 1:08 p.m. before going in and shooting Laguerre, authorities said. The suspect then followed witnesses who escaped out the back before returning to the store and shooting and killing Gallion, who had entered the front with his girlfriend, according to Waters. He then chased a woman through the store and shot her, but she missed, police said. Palmer then retreated to a store office, where he shot himself 11 minutes after the racist attack began, police said. “There was no flag that he could have raised to prevent him from buying those weapons,” Waters added. Therein lies the difficulty. When a person picks up a weapon with hateful intent, it’s very hard to stop that from happening.”

Authorities believe Palmeter decided to unleash the attack on him five years after a 2018 shooting at a video game tournament that left two people dead and nine injured. The massacre also came a day before the 63rd anniversary of the city’s infamous “Ax Handle Sunday,” when 200 Ku Klux Klan members armed with bats and ax handles attacked Black people protesting the foreclosure of a business. white-owned. In that incident, the police stood by and refused to intervene until a black street gang came to the protesters’ defense and then only arrested black people. “Our community is struggling to understand why this atrocity happened. I urge all of us not to seek meaning from a senseless act of violence. There is no reason or explanation for the shooter’s decisions and actions,” Waters said. “His disgusting ideology of is not representative of the Jacksonville community that we all love so much. We are not a hate community. We are united with the good and decent people of this city. We reject this unforgivable violence.”

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