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Ruby Spry, 20, a British traveler received a hospital bill of approximately £40,000 after she was left for dead on the side of the road in Thailand.

Ruby was riding a motorcycle when a bike traveling in the opposite direction struck her before taking off. The driver left Ruby on the side of the road unconscious and with multiple injuries. A passerby who saw her slumped body ensured she made it to the hospital, but the nightmare didn’t end there for the Cornish youngster.

Her family says the hospital asked for £3,000 upfront before they even gave her painkillers and her insurance is not paying. And after an emergency operation, her family says her travel insurers are ‘dragging their heels’, leaving them no choice but to try to crowdfund the bill, which currently stands at £34,000. Her cousin Tegan Howard said on the GoFundMe site: “Ruby arrived at the hospital with a broken bone protruding from her right arm, four broken bones in her hand, a broken wrist, a broken clavicle, and multiple lacerations all over her body. But despite having travel insurance, she was denied any pain relief until she managed to pay £3,000 upfront.

‘As a family, we urgently managed to raise this money so that she could receive treatment. Ruby has had seven-hour surgery on her right arm and hand, but the insurance company is dragging its feet and the hospital is threatening to throw her out of the hospital if she doesn’t pay the expected £34,000 before the rest of her treatment. She needs another operation on her broken shoulder, but the hospital refuses treatment until we can pay in advance. The insurance company has kept us waiting while looking for loopholes the whole time while Ruby is in the hospital in excruciating pain, exhausted with no idea what will happen next.”

Ruby Spry Age

Ruby Spry is 20 years old.

A 20-year-old British woman faces being thrown out of a Thai hospital after receiving a £40,000 medical bill

Ruby, 20, from Penzance, Cornwall, had gone on a trip after finishing university. She was training to become a scuba instructor and had just been offered a place to become a divemaster at the University of Costa Rica. But before accepting the offer, she wanted to see Thailand and was on a Thai island when the accident occurred on February 9.

Ruby’s father, Joe, a Penzance-based builder, stayed in Cornwall, but Ruby’s wife, Yesmine, a teacher, traveled with one of Ruby’s uncles to be with her. Ruby’s boyfriend is also in Thailand with her. The 20-year-old has now had a second operation on her clavicle, which according to the fundraiser Tegan went “very well”.

Ruby’s second clavicle operation went very well. Her mother is now out there with her to help take care of her. Hopefully, she is well enough to leave the hospital in the next few days and then she can return to Cornwall shortly after to recover at home. Ruby wants to respond and thank everyone for her generosity, but she still doesn’t have full use of her arms or hands.’ The family says Ruby needs further treatment which will bring the total bill for her to at least £40,000 – money they simply don’t have.

The GoFundMe already stands at over £18,000 and over 800 donations have been made.

Tegan, who is also from Penzance, added: “Thanks to our amazing family and friends, we’ve managed to raise some of the money, but we’ll still struggle to get past £40,000, which is the estimated cost.” be.

‘My aunt and uncle have just arrived in Thailand to help take care of her and they will have to take her home after her shoulder operation (we wanted to take her home for surgery where she is free but she can’t fly with the injuries she has). ).

Now that the insurance company has said they are not going to pay, we are fundraising to try to cover a portion of the

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