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Roy McGrath, 53, a former chief of staff to the governor of Maryland who had been the subject of a nationwide manhunt since last month, has died after being shot in Knoxville Monday night. After failing to show up for a trial in Baltimore, Maryland, McGrath, 53, was deemed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be a flight risk abroad.

Roy C. McGrath was due in court on March 13 for a trial involving allegations of wire fraud, theft, or bribery, and the destruction, alteration, or fabrication of records. The FBI claims that during a court appearance in October 2021, McGrath pleaded not guilty to all charges and was granted pre-trial parole under the condition that he attend all future court appearances.

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Roy C. McGrath was 53 years old.

After being shot during an FBI arrest attempt, Roy McGrath passed away

A federal judge issued an arrest warrant for McGrath after he failed to show up for the trial in Baltimore on March 13 and the FBI offered a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to his capture. A reward for McGrath’s capture was also provided by the US Marshals Service. Previously, Larry Hogan, a former governor of Maryland, had McGrath as his chief of staff. When McGrath was 11 weeks into his position as Hogan’s chief of staff in August 2020, he resigned and relocated to Naples, Florida, according to our sister station DC News Now. In December 2016, Hogan nominated McGrath to lead the environmental agency after serving as the former governor of Maryland’s chief of staff.

When he moved to the governor’s office in 2020, McGrath received a more than $200,000 severance payment from the Maryland Environmental Service. He was also accused of embezzling an additional $170,000, according to DC News Now, which stated that he was facing an eight-count federal indictment at the time of his death. According to the accusations made against McGrath, he exploited his authority as the head of the Maryland Environmental Service to pay himself between March 2019 and December 2020.

McGrath could have spent up to three decades in prison if found guilty of the federal counts.

The Collier County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office reportedly checked on McGrath’s wellbeing at his Naples home on March 13 when he failed to arrive. No one was at home. Weeks later, near Kingston Pike and Lovell Road in West Knoxville, McGrath was discovered. When McGrath was being arrested, several agents and law enforcement officers arrived on the scene. McGrath was hurt during the arrest and taken to the hospital. Later, according to his lawyer Joseph Murtha, the FBI verified McGrath’s demise.

The FBI’s Inspection Division is still looking into the incident.

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