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Who is Rory O’Keeffe? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Man sets up a fake schedule to propose to her girlfriend at a London bus stop

Rory O’Keeffe Wiki – Bio

Rory O’Keeffe, 32, came up with the elaborate idea when he was planning how to ask his girlfriend Charlotte Amey, 33, to marry him.

The pair first met at a King’s Cross bus stop and exchanged numbers after briefly rubbing shoulders at a mutual friend’s party months earlier. Rory was willing to pay homage to the all-important second meeting of his in the proposal. And the schedule is still in effect and travelers see it almost a year later. Rory told exactly how he came up with the brilliant proposal plan. He shared: ‘I originally thought, ‘Oh, maybe I’ll build a bus shelter or something,’ and then I realized it was ridiculous. I realized that I could [include the] bus stop, it’s right there, and I could use the actual bus stop.


Rory O’Keeffe is 32 years old.

Man sets up a fake schedule to propose to her girlfriend at a London bus stop

He enlisted the help of his friend Trav de él, a Photoshop genius, to fake a fake schedule to go instead of the real number 17 bus. The bus, which travels from Archway station to London Bridge, has been changed with some unusual stop names in between. Together they said: ‘Charlotte, seven years ago we met at this bus stop, now will you marry me?’ Rory continued: ‘Charlotte had said that if you ever propose to me, it can’t be in public, which was a bit of a problem because public transport is so public. “We managed to get her there at 3 am on a Saturday night when no one was around her. Though initially there were some drunk guys at the bus stop when we first went and one of them was reading the bus stop.” Worried that one of the revelers would start reading the bus schedule, he took Charlotte to McDonald’s before going ahead with his proposition. I checked the buses on my phone, and I knew once one left, I would get everyone out and then go back to the bus stop,” Rory said.

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I said, “Oh, which bus did we take seven years ago when we first met?” and I started arguing with her and asked her to check her schedule. While she was checking it out, I knelt behind her with her ring, and she saw her own name cursing a lot in confusion, and finally said yes.” The happy couple will tie the knot in July this year in a ‘relaxed’ wedding in North London. However, Charlotte had a hilarious objection to the proposal. Rory added: “She was upset actually that I messed up the schedule a little bit.” That bus is supposed to go north, but our bus is technically headed south, and she didn’t like the metaphor of, ‘Are you saying [our relationship] is headed south?!” The couple isn’t the first couple brought together by London transport, as Metro’s Rush Hour Crush celebrated its 24th anniversary this week. The column has seen thousands of single text messages over the years trying to connect with their commuting beauties. It has produced several marriages and even a baby, with another set coming next month.

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