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Ronald Tejeda, 29, a Chilean tourist, has died. His engineering coworker is recovering after they were allegedly drugged at a bar and then beaten and robbed and dumped in a ditch in Rio de Janeiro.

Tejeda and his friend Andres Orellana, 29, had been in Brazil on vacation since last week and visited a bar in the town of Lapa on Saturday before they were attacked, police said. The fire department said that Tejeda and Orellana were found lying next to each other in a 16-foot deep ditch on Sunday morning and rushed to Souza Aguilar Hospital. It was a blow to the head, where he suffered a stroke,’ Jorge Tejeda said. ‘He fought, we all fought, but he lost his fight. Let justice be done, find those who are responsible,’ he added. ‘Everything is difficult. Being there is difficult.’ Jorge Tejeda said there is a suspicion that Ronald Tejeda and Orellana were drugged by people they were sharing beers with.

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Ronald Tejeda was 29 years old.

Ronald Tejeda Death

Orellana, who was transferred to Pró-Cardíaco Hospital, had scratches on his chest, arms, and legs as well as fractures to the ribs and clavicle and a punctured lung, his friend, Patricio Rodríguez, said in an interview with 24 Horas news outlet. Orellana thanked well-wishers with a social media post Wednesday, but stopped short of providing details of what exactly happened. For those of you who are asking how I’m doing, I promise to send you a message later. I’m moving to another hospital to redo other tests,’ he wrote. ‘At the moment, I’m stable and it will be a long recovery here in Brazil. For everyone who lived with Ronald, live each day as if it were the last.’ Good Night, Cinderella,’ a drug that debilitates a person and makes them vulnerable to being robbed, assaulted, and even raped.

Rio de Janeiro authorities are investigating the attack on the tourists and did not reveal what was stolen. They suggest that they were doped with the ‘Good Night, Cinderella,’ a drug that debilitates a person and makes them vulnerable to being robbed, assaulted, and even raped. Tejeda and Orellana ordered an Uber that picked them up at the bar and took them to the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Copacabana before losing contact with their loved ones. They found them by accident, they could have spent months without finding them,’ Rodríguez said.

No arrests had been reported as of Thursday.

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