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Who is Ronald Clifton? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, ”Dangerous zebra attack on the owner”

Ronald Clifton Wiki – Bio

Ronald Clifton, 72, – A zebra was euthanized by Pickaway County deputies on Sunday, March 12, after it attacked and maimed a man, nearly ripping his arm from his body. Reports of a zebra attack had reached the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office in the evening, around 5:30 p.m. The man who was attacked is a 72-year-old man named Ronald Clifton, who made the 911 call and also asked that the rescue team dispatch him as soon as possible.

It’s not common for someone to call to report a zebra attack, so it’s only natural that the responder on the line would have asked you to reconfirm. Clifton stepped forward and told them yes, whereupon help was dispatched. “I think he ripped my arm off … send a helicopter,” Clifton said according to FOX News. The dispatcher asked if the animal had bitten his arm, to which Clifton replied, “Oh, hell yeah.” Help soon arrived in the form of officers, who found Clifton on the ground. According to the Charlotte Observer, the zebra was the pet of the victim who ended up attacking him.

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Ronald Clifton is 72 years old.

”Dangerous zebra attack on the owner”

The police report on the incident suggests that one of the officers had decided to place his patrol car between the man and the zebras. However, one of them, a large male, had behaved in a very “unfriendly” manner and continued to charge against the driver’s side door. The officer had to act quickly to get the animal to move and Clifton could be seen by a doctor. So, he used the cruise ship’s siren and air horn to get the animal out of the way.

Soon after, they managed to apply a tourniquet under Clifton’s shoulder, allowing them to help him walk to an ambulance. He was taken to Grant Hospital in Columbus. Another deputy stayed behind to keep an eye on the zebra when the property owners informed him that they could kill the animal if necessary.

Clifton’s family had also been clear in letting the officer know not to turn his back on the zebra, because that would be when he would choose to make his move. Later, the zebra is seen charging at the deputy, who tried to scare it off by yelling at it. When he continued his charge, the deputy had no choice but to shoot the animal in the forehead.

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