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Staff Sergeant Roey Weiser, 21, was stationed at the Kerem Shalom border crossing when terrorists stormed his base and began attacking Israeli soldiers from the Golani Brigade’s 13th Battalion. The young soldier from Efrat, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, reportedly sacrificed himself as a distraction to allow others to flee, his grieving mother told CNN. “He Died as he lived, putting others first and when his base was overrun by terrorists, he left alone to divert attention from him allowing others to escape. “Thanks to his bravery, at least 12 other soldiers are alive today,” Naomi Feifer-Weiser told the station. Weiser’s father announced the devastating news on Facebook.

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Roey Weiser was 21 years old.


With enormous pain and indescribable anguish, my son Roey was killed in the line of duty,” Yami Weiser said in Hebrew. He called his son “a hero defending the southern border.” The family was initially unable to locate Weiser’s body and asked for help online. They were finally able to recover his remains on Tuesday night and held a funeral the next day. “Our only wish is to lay Roey to eternal rest and mourn him properly,” said his heartbroken father. Weiser is one of 1,000 people killed in the Hamas attack over the weekend. The victims were overwhelmingly innocent civilians shot to death in their own homes or at an open-air music festival. At least 14 Americans are among the dead and others are believed to be among more than 100 hostages taken by militants, President Biden said. The battle death toll continues to rise as Israel attacks Gaza with retaliatory airstrikes. The airstrikes have killed 900 people, including 260 children and 230 women, Gaza’s Health Ministry said on Tuesday. Six health workers and eight journalists also died.

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