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Robyn Renee Bodine and Tracie Shoe Wiki – Bio

Robyn Renee Bodine and Tracie Shoe were found safe after the duo went missing and never boarded the flight for their little New Mexico vacation. Authorities found Bodine and Shoe missing “in an extremely remote area” of Catron County on Thursday, March 30, and are planning their “safe return.”

“We remain optimistic and it paid off!” authorities said according to People. Bodine and Shoe were vacationing in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, about 150 miles south of Albuquerque. Since Monday, March 27, both families have never heard from the duo, even after they allegedly left their hotel on Tuesday, just before 11am. Suspiciously, the two women never made it to the airport to board their 6:00 p.m. m. the same day. The New Mexico Truth or Consequence Police Department said the women “will be reunited with their families soon.


Robyn Bodine, 46, and Tracie Shoe, 52, years old.

Women planned to go hiking before their overnight flight

Bodine and Shoe, both from the Dayton suburb of Brookville, Ohio, flew from Cincinnati to Phoenix on March 25. The couple stayed in Arizona that day, according to Bodine’s daughter, Taylor Moberly, and then arrived in Riverbend Hot Springs, their vacation destination on March 27. Jennifer Lightcap, a longtime friend of Shoe’s, said the women planned to go hiking before their overnight flight. Lightcap and Bodine’s daughter, Moberly, claimed that she had not been able to reach the couple by phone since they arrived in Riverbend Hot Springs.

“The phone goes directly to voicemail,” Lightcap explained. “It does it on both ends, it does it for both phones…we’re not sure if the battery’s dead or what happened. But they’re not responding, they’re not responding on social media.” Miserable ‘Moberly explained her frustration at not being able to do anything and not always knowing where her mother was, The Sun reported. She previously said: “I just want my mom to be home. I want Tracie to be home for her kids,” she said. “It sucks…you feel worthless because there’s nothing I can do.”

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Families speak out after missing pals Robyn Renee Bodine & Tracie Shoe

Meanwhile, Moberly also noted that the details Bodine gave him about her trip to New Mexico were vague. Her mother told her daughter that she had heard of the Riverbend Hot Springs in the state and that she wanted to go there with Shoe for a birthday trip. Moberly said she was surprised by the details of the trip, as she described her mother as a “homebody” despite being outgoing. Considering that Bodine and Shoe had been close friends for several years, the two supposedly went off on their little trip. Additionally, after a stressful 24-hour wait, the daughter filed a missing persons report with her stepfather.

Although the women have now been found safe, Bodine’s daughter previously wrote in the message: “Police everywhere have been contacted, airports searched, records searched. Nothing is bringing us any help.” She further added: “We’ve exhausted all efforts and I’m just hoping to get this out there and maybe it will go somewhere beneficial,” Bodine’s daughter shared. “Please, please keep my family in your prayers,” according to her People.

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