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Robert Wigram, the son of a royal equerry, was killed when he was struck by a van while standing on the road trying to hitch a ride, according to an investigation. Robert Wigram, 42, known as ‘Bertie’, died of multiple traumatic injuries after a collision on the A48 Gloucester-Lydney road at Wintles Hill, near Westbury on Severn, just after 3 am. on June 13 last year, the Gloucester inquiry reported.

Gloucestershire’s assistant coroner, Roland Wooderson, recorded a finding of accidental death. Mr. Wigram, whose father Andrew, 3rd Baron Wigram, was an equerry to Prince Philip, lived in the community of High Nash in Coleford. High Nash supports adults with learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries, mental health conditions, and drug and alcohol addiction. The inquest heard that on June 12 last year, Mr. Wigram, who was living independently in the community and “at full capacity”, told staff that he was going swimming in Lydney. Later, however, staff received a report that Mr. Wigram was “severely intoxicated” and had taken a fall.

Robert Wigram Age

Robert Wigram was 42 years old.

Royal Equerry’s son died when he was hit by a van as he stood in the road trying to hitchhike

They were then told that he had been taken to the hospital. At 6:40 p.m., he called High Nash saying that he was with the paramedics and that he hoped they would treat him at the hospital. Just before midnight, they learned that he had been reporting chest pains when he was taken to the hospital. The staff tried to call him at that time but got no answer. The coroner said he received several statements from people driving on the A48 that night who had seen a man on the side of the road. One of the motorists was Police Support Officer Christine Smith. She said that as she was driving near Minsterworth around 11 p.m., she saw a man walking on the near side of the road and noticed him “stumble forward a little bit.” “He kept swaying and it looked like he was pretty drunk,” she said.

Another witness, Neville Ireland, testified that as he was driving to Chaxhill at around 11:50 p.m., he saw a man on the shoulder of the near side. “He was looking down the road and looking at me,” Mr. Ireland said. He had his thumb up like he was hitchhiking. He was standing there.’ Shortly after he was returning down the road when he saw the man again, about five hundred yards from the first place he had seen him, Mr. Ireland said. ‘This time he was standing right in the middle of the southbound causeway. He was looking at me and moving one of his arms up and down. I walked past him and he stood still. Another motorist, Anthony Willis-Dent, stated that around 12:10 to 12:20 a.m. m. on June 13 he was approaching Westbury on Severn and saw a man on the road.

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A ghostly man appears to the left of the nothing with his arms above his head

“His right foot was about a foot from the curb,” he said. ‘He was facing me and raising his left arm. It was clear to me that he was trying to hitch a ride. “He didn’t move at all, so I had to swerve over the center white line to the other side of the road to avoid him.” The driver of the Transit van that collided with Mr. Wigram, Mr. Kuwait Theyendran, said he was returning from Devon to Cinderford and had just passed the Esso Garage on Wintles Hill when he saw a “ghostly man appear to the left of the nothing with his arms above his head.’ Mr. Theyendran said: ‘I saw him for a split second. He was standing in the road. The coroner said: ‘His instant reaction was to turn sharply to the right and brake hard But the crash was unavoidable. He tried very hard to avoid hitting Mr. Wigram, but he was caught by the left edge of the van. The driver of the van tested negative for both alcohol and drugs after the collision. A police report on the collision said Mr. Wigram was standing 1.3 meters from the pavement in the Newnham bound lane.

The coroner concluded: “It is clear that Mr. Wigram was unfortunately seriously injured when, as a pedestrian, he was struck by a motor vehicle.” Given the evidence I have heard, it seems appropriate that the conclusion I record is that of a traffic accident. A family tribute after Mr. Wigram’s death said he was the “beloved son of Gaby and Andrew, the adoring brother of Harry, Will and Alice, the devoted brother-in-law of Niki, Lily and Foggy, and the very loving uncle of Ivy. , Polly.”, Jesse and Billy. The best friend of many. His funeral was held at St Michael & All Angels, Poulton on June 30 last year. Mr. Wigram was the second son of Baron Wigram, sometime HRH Equerry the late Duke of Edinburgh, and his wife Gabrielle. Major Andrew Wigram achieved the title of 3rd Baronet in 2019.

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