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Robert Somerville Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Found Guilty, Investigation Report

Robert Somerville Wiki – Bio

Robert Somerville, the suspect in the shooting death of Stockton firefighter Max Fortuna last year has been found guilty. A California business owner was convicted of fatally shooting a Stockton fire officer who was responding to a fire just over a year ago, authorities announced.

Robert Somerville was convicted Tuesday of second-degree murder and intentional discharge of a firearm in the death of Stockton Fire Department Captain Vidal “Max” Fortuna on January 31, 2022. He is due to be sentenced on April 10, 2023.

Robert Somerville Age

Robert Somerville is 68 years old.

Accused of killing Stockton Fire Captain Vidal Max Fortuna

Fortuna, 47, was among the first responders at the scene of a fire around 4:45 a.m. m. on January 31, 2022, in the area of Aurora and Washington streets. Firefighters, including Fortuna, were trying to enter a building “to prevent the fire from advancing from the trailer into the structure” when Somerville, who lived nearby, opened fire with a .380 caliber handgun, the county district attorney’s office said. of San Joaquin. and the police said.

Fortuna, married and father of two children, could not be saved. San Joaquin County District Attorney Ron Freitas called Fortuna’s death “an unfathomable tragedy.” “He was killed because the defendant made the decision to shoot without cause, legal justification or concern for human life,” Freitas said. Somerville reportedly owned a food truck and was a long-time local business owner, previously working as an engineer. His family issued a statement after the shooting, describing Somerville as “not a violent person.”

They said Somerville had recently been “the victim of constant break-in attempts, due to his business/home being located in an area plagued by the highest concentration of homeless people,” according to the statement. “He operates his business and resides in the warehouse that was adjacent to the location where the fire occurred,” the statement read. “We understand that Mr. Somerville believed that his property was being stolen, which led to this horrible chain of tragic events.”

Fortuna boasted of 21 years with the Stockton Fire Department and spent time off from him coaching boys’ baseball teams and playing bass guitar for his local church, according to the California Fire Foundation. “He never missed a day and never complained about being at work,” Local 456 president Mario Gardea said, according to the foundation. The community has created a fundraising page in honor of Fortuna.

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