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Robert Robinson and Christopher Atkins Wiki – Robert Robinson and Christopher Atkins Biography

Robert Robinson and Christopher Atkins the suspects – the bizarre killings of three Florida teenagers last week took a stunning new turn on Friday when Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods disclosed that the alleged killers were also young children.

Robert Robinson, 17, and Christopher Atkins, 12, who was detained on Thursday night, allegedly admitted to shooting one victim. Tahj Brewton, a third suspect, is still at large, according to Woods. He is 16 years old. They left a tonne of evidence behind them when they fled the scene, according to Woods. Since victims with gunshot wounds started turning up one by one between last Thursday and Saturday, the killings have shaken the small town of Ocklawaha.

The three teenagers were pals who were all shot to death at the same time and then abandoned in different locations—two off the sides of country roads and one packed inside the trunk of a car that had been drowned in a pond, according to Woods’ revelation this week. Ocklawaha, a town of about 1,500 people, was rocked by the incident and inhabitants told The Daily Beast that many thought a serial killer was on the loose.

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Robert Robinson, 17, and Christopher Atkins 12 years old.

3 teenagers were shot dead in Marion County by 2 boys; a third boy is still at large

On Tuesday, however, Woods dispelled those reports, claiming that the triple homicide was connected to “wannabe gang” activity. He suggested on Friday that the “terrible tragedy” was probably the result of a robbery gone awry, but when reporters pressed him for more information, he refused, claiming that doing so could endanger the search for Brewton. Woods declared, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” “Stop asking stupid questions. Do you really need me to explain it to you? Gangs don’t attend church on Sunday and then spread the gospel for the next six days. They are members of gangs because they are criminals. Two of the victims, 16-year-olds Layla Silvernail and Camille Quarles, were recognized by their relatives and friends. At the request of his family, the third victim, a 17-year-old boy, had his identity withheld by the authorities.

Last Thursday, Silvernail was discovered off the side of the road alive but brain dead. On Tuesday, she was taken off of the life support system, and her organs were donated. She was “the definition of a team player” who “will be greatly missed,” her softball league said on GoFundMe. She was described as a “beautiful person” by Quarles’ sister, who said she will “forever miss” her. Silvernail’s Chevrolet Cruze with her body in the trunk was discovered on Saturday.

Woods claimed he has been willing to provide information about the case since the beginning, but his office has put him on a “leash” by withholding any information concerning evidence found at the crime scenes. He claimed that the swift arrests were made possible by a collaboration between the media, locals, and the 15 investigators he assigned to the case. I am so, so proud of my guys and girls, so my emotions are all over the place,” Woods remarked. “I did nothing at all, but they took the initiative. And sure, you [the media] disseminated information, and I’ll be honest—you wore my ass out.

Woods reported that Atkins and Robinson were apprehended at their residences on Thursday. He stated that as deputies whisked the boys away, their moms “looked embarrassed and ashamed.” Even while Woods noted that prosecutors are still debating whether to charge the two as adults, he insisted that “they deserve the full extent of the law.”

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