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Emmerdale has aired Rishi Sharma devastating death, as Bhasker Patel leaves the role after 12 years. In tragic scenes at the end of the episode tonight, Rishi was seen lifeless at the bottom of the stairs after not appearing at the wedding of Jai and Laurel. The couple married their whole family and friends there, including Georgia, but was remarkably absent. As the final scenes developed, fans were horrified to see Rishi dead when Jai and Laurel celebrated their wedding day and their future together, they were not wisely about what had happened to Rishi. Previously in the episode, Rishi had admitted that his brother had had an adventure with Georgia, and that the brother was Jai’s true father. “I was his secretary, very young and very stupid,” Georgia admitted when Rishi explained: “They were friends and well, I was worshiping from afar, I really loved your mother, but being my younger brother, I felt that I had to protect me too. So, when I discovered that I was pregnant, I thought it was honorable to prevent: our family was very conservative. You can’t imagine the scandal! ”

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Rishi Sharma’s age was not mentioned.

Rishi Sharma Death

While Rishi continued to explain why they decided to cover up the true identity of Jai’s father, he admitted that he had kept him secret for his mother’s good, after promising that he would never say about true identity. Jai and Rishi were locked in a furious fight, since Jai told him to take responsibility for his lies with Rishi saying angry that this was the gratitude he had received during a lifetime to take care of him. Jai said: “If you want to enter that church and pretend to be my dad, then you must act as one. You don’t get to blame, not today.” You will be welcome at the wedding, but only if you could do it with good grace and release the bad smell of Burning Martyr,” Jai said while Rishi replied angrily: “I hope you both have a wonderful day and maybe one day you can show me the videos “Jai’s farewell words to Rishi were “you will need to live a long time,” when Rishi left the house and returned to his. Later, Georgia asked if Rishi was invited, but Jai did not seem excited, but finally gave up and asked her mother to contact Rishi and invite him too.

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