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Ricou Browning Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Death, Wife, Career, Net Worth

Ricou Browning Wiki – Bio

Ricou Browning was an American actor and film director who passed away at the age of 93. His net worth was around $5 million at his death.

Ricou Browning was an American actor and film director born on February 16, 1930, in Fort Pierce, Florida, United States. He got into the water early like many in the Sunshine State, which would set him up for his semi-aquatic stunt career for years to come. As a teenager, he worked at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park as a lifeguard and swam in live shows. He then went on to study at Florida State University, before serving in the Air Force. It wasn’t long before the legendary stuntman got the shot on him. After being asked to help a film crew scout locations, he was asked if he would don the iconic sea monster costume for Jack Arnold’s ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’.

His co-star Ben Chapman wore the suit for the film’s land scenes, but Browning was asked to return for the sequels Revenge of the Creatures (1955) and The Creatures Walk Among Us (1956). Browning described a special breathing technique that he developed that allowed him to hold his breath for so long that it later gave many viewers nightmares and a phobia of water. I learned to breathe from the end of an air hose,” he told the Ocala StarBanner. “It was like you were in the backyard and you had a hose running. Drink what you want and let the rest spill out.

Asked how long he was able to hold his breath, the Gill-man actor said: “If you’re not doing anything at all, four minutes is possible, but not if you’re moving in the water.” Whether you’re swimming fast or fighting, you use a lot of Browning’s success as the brooding sea monster opened the doors for his career. He worked as a stuntman or stunt coordinator on films such as: Don’t Give Up the Ship (1959), Hello Down There (1969), and the James Bond films Thunderball (1965) and Never Say Never Again (1983).

Browning lived with his wife Fran in his native Florida until his death in March 2020. He is survived by his four children, Ricou Jr, Renee, Kelly, and Kim, and 10 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Ricou Browning Age

Ricou Browning was 93 years old.

Ricou Browning Cause of Death – Celebrity Death 2023

Browning, who terrified viewers as the underwater monster Gill-man in the 1954 classic Creature from the Black Lagoon, died on February 27, 2023, at the age of 93. The actor and stuntman, who went on to produce the dolphin tale Flipper for both the small and big screens, died quietly of natural causes Sunday at his home in Southwest Ranches, Florida, his family said.

Following the news of his passing, the horror film legend’s daughter Renee Le Feuvre told the Hollywood Reporter: “He had a fabulous career in the film industry, providing wonderful entertainment for generations past and future.

Ricou Browning Career

Browning was considered the last surviving actor to play one of the original Universal Classic Monsters, a series of iconic horror films made between the 1930s and 1950s. The menacing Gill-man of his is remembered along with King Kong and Godzilla as one of the scariest movie monsters of all time. In a 2013 interview, Browning said that he played “every bad guy” throughout his career. After the great success of the original 1954 black-and-white Creature from the Black Lagoon, Browning returned as Gill-man for two sequels Revenge of the Creature (1955) and The Creature Walks Among Us (1956).

He described donning the iconic costume to film the amazing scenes. “He was cumbersome at first,” Browning told the Ocala StarBanner. ‘When I first put it on, I found it strange and clumsy. But, once I got into the movie, I forgot I had it on. I became the creature. Although Browning will be remembered for his dazzling movie career in which he terrified moviegoers, his daughter said he was a kind and affable family man.

“Every time he had an idea for a movie, he would bring the animals home,” his daughter Renee Le Feuvre said in an interview with the Ocala StarBanner. We had a sea lion that sat at the dinner table. My dad wrote a movie about a sea lion called ‘Salty.’ We had otters, a baby black bear, and a female peacock that would sit on our shoulders and drink iced tea from our glass. All the kids in the neighborhood wanted to come to our house because it was like a zoo.

Ricou Browning’s Net Worth

Ricou Browning’s net worth was around $5 million.

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