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Rhonda Stickney, 50, of Motley, told Kennedy News and Media that she is still recovering after she put herself between her neighbor’s dog and her daughter Tiffani, 27, grandson Jaxsyen, 4, and Keyahra, 2, on April 23. “I didn’t think twice about getting in front of them. It grabbed hold of my leg, knocked me down and dragged me out. It was so scary,” she told the outlet. The bloodthirsty beast tore chunks of flesh from her body. It went from my leg to my face. My adrenaline was going so bad that I don’t remember feeling anything. I was just so scared,” Stickney said.

My grandchildren saw the whole thing. My daughter was screaming. It tore at my face and latched onto my arm,” she continued. “I got hold of its jaw with both my hands so it couldn’t bite me anymore. I basically fought it off,” she said. Finally, the dog’s owner arrived and pulled it off Stickney’s body. “I walked into the house, I didn’t realize how bad it was. I saw in the mirror and I was gushing blood all over the place,” the mom of five said.

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Rhonda Stickney is 50 years old.

After fighting a pit bull to protect her grandchildren, a wounded grandmother takes bleeding selfies

She then jumped into her car and drove to the hospital – snapping a few selfies for posterity on the way. “My arm was punctured so when they went to rinse it to clean it out, it ran straight out the other side,” she said. Stickney, who was rushed into surgery to have her wounds stitched, still has to go to the hospital twice a week to have her leg wound repacked. “I’m just glad it happened to me rather than my grandkids. The dog would have killed them,” she told the news outlet. “I’m so close to all of my grandkids. They struggled sleeping for a while after and they’re scared to play outside when they come over,” she said.

“I’ve never been scared of dogs before but now I’m apprehensive. I’m scared of pit bulls and we don’t want the kids around dogs we don’t know,” Stickney added. She said that after she contacted police about the vicious attack, the neighbor was forced to microchip the dog and muzzle it when it goes outside. Stickney has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for her care. “My injuries to my face arm and leg were extensive enough to require trauma surgery, ending with 40+ stitches by my eye and on my chin, 8 stitches in my mouth, 7 stitches on my arm as well as punctures in my arm and a hole in my thigh that needs to be packed,” she wrote.

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