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Rhianne King Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death

Rhianne King Wiki – Rhianne King Bio

Rhianne King A teenager from Berlin Heights, Ohio, was killed in a house fire on Sunday, January 22. According to her family, 15-year-old Rhianne died while trying to save her dogs. According to her reports, she loved dogs more than anything, so she possibly went into the flames to try and save the puppies from her instead of running out of her bedroom window. “She was trying to catch the dog and the smoke got to her because, by the time my sister came out of her room, the smoke had already engulfed the entire living room,” explained Kaelyn Wells, Rhianne’s older sister, according to CBS19. “It just shows that she was selfless and she would rather risk her life to save those pups than try to save herself.

Rhianne King Age

Rhianne King was 15 years old.

15-year-old girl dies trying to save her dogs in house fire

Wells, 20, reported that the fire broke out in the house early in the morning where her mother, her younger sister, and her brother lived. “My mom tried to go back in and save my sister, but she got hurt in the process and had to leave,” Wells said. It happened in the 11000 block of State Route 113 around 7 a.m. According to a news release, first responders encountered “intense fire and smoke conditions” and were told at least one person was trapped inside the residence. “The adrenaline was running,” agent Josh Miller said of the time he spent searching for the person, who was later identified as Rhianne. “I was trying to contact her because from the time the call came in until I got there, it was nine minutes, and within nine minutes the house was engulfed in flames.”

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