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Raz Peri, A cancer patient heroically threw himself on a grenade at a music festival where Hamas terrorists massacred hundreds of innocent civilians. Speaking from his hospital bed, Raz Peri has revealed how he bore the brunt of the explosion, survived being shot and fended off a Hamas terrorist in hand-to-hand combat The 20-year-old had driven to the Supernova rave in Israel’s southern desert to “feel alive again”, but hours later he found himself desperately fleeing fanatical gunmen. Peri, who suffers from lymphoma, tried to hide from the Hamas attack in a roadside shelter with a group of four other terrified Bohemians. But they were soon attacked by militants of the terrorist group, prompting him to selflessly throw himself into danger to save people he had never met until minutes before. The cancer patient revealed that while they were hiding, he heard some men speaking in Arabic, causing a female colleague at the shelter to scream. He told CNN he “had nothing but my hands” and was forced into a fistfight with a terrorist who came through the door to investigate.

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Raz Peri is 20 years old.

Investigation Report

This sparked a fierce life-or-death struggle between the pair, with the militant firing his gun past Mr Peri, hitting one of the hidden festival-goers in the leg. During the fight, the pair ended up outside the shelter, at which point the terrorist’s compatriots began shooting at them, killing the militant as Peri returned inside. He added that a group of Hamas thugs looked into the shelter with “crazy eyes” and suggested they were on drugs. It was then, he claims, that grenades were thrown into the shelter, prompting him to throw his body over them in a last-ditch attempt to limit the explosion while also trying to keep his muscles relaxed. The explosion tore through his legs and arms, leaving him barely conscious, while one of the men in the shelter had his leg blown off, the Times reports. The group frantically put a tourniquet around the stump and one of the men decided to leave, a move that prompted Hamas to return to the shelter. Firing their assault weapons at the group, they killed the man and his wife, and Peri revealed that she placed his body on top of him and played dead. This did not prevent him from being subjected to even more barbaric treatment, as the terrorists fired more bullets into the shelter, one of which passed through her body and into his stomach.

After the Hamas thugs left, the seriously injured festival-goer decided to go find help while the two surviving members of the group waited at the shelter. They would be dead when help arrived. He told CNN: ‘When I go to town, everyone is dead. I saw girls with their pants down, I saw a knife in their bodies. As he escaped, he said he came across a car graveyard, with vehicles full of festival-goers who were gunned down by the terrorists as they tried to flee. ‘I have cancer. I go to the festival to listen to the music of my soul. What I have seen with my eyes I can never take away,’ he said. He finally found safety when he broke into a house and found a family he huddled with for safety, clutching a knife in his hand as he desperately tried to stop the bleeding from his stomach. He was later taken to safety and remained in the hospital for the last 13 days recovering from his injuries. The Hamas attack, which shocked the world, killed 1,400 Israelis, most of them civilians, while more than 200 people were taken hostage. Since then, Israel has pounded Gaza with airstrikes, while thousands of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops have massed on the border in preparation for a ground invasion of the territory.

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