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Raymond Timothy Mathieson, also known as Tim Mathieson, avoided jail when he appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday for sentencing. Julia Gillard’s ex-partner, 67, pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault and was found guilty and fined $7,000. Magistrate Belinda Franjic said the crime was “a serious example of sexual assault”. “This was a victim who is vulnerable because she is asleep. It happened in the victim’s own home, which makes it particularly egregious,” she said. “When the victim woke up and pushed him, he continued trying to get his mouth to touch her breast again. “In my opinion, this aggravates the seriousness of the crime. “It is a particularly intimate form of sexual assault.”

In March of last year, the woman invited him to her apartment where they drank wine and ate barbecue together before watching a Whitney Houston documentary. The woman fell asleep on the sofa, before she woke up and Mathieson sucked her nipple and cupped her right breast, the court heard. Even though the victim pushed him away and told him, “Don’t do that,” he tried to continue sucking on her nipple before leaving the apartment. The next day, the woman called Mathieson to question him about the incident. He apologized and said it wouldn’t happen again. The woman suffered anxiety, depression and bulimia as a result of the incident, the court heard in a victim impact statement read by the prosecution. She has since moved away to have the “security and support” of her family. Mathieson’s lawyer, Brad Penno, said he had apologized for her conduct and the impact of her crime.

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Raymond Timothy Mathieson is 67 years old.

Investigation Report

Noting his client’s exemplary record of good behavior prior to the incident and his work with numerous charities, Penno pleaded with Magistrate Franjic not to record a conviction against Mathieson. “I just don’t know if I can deal with this without a conviction being recorded,” the magistrate responded. “I accept this is completely out of character, but I consider it a serious example of sexual assault.” When Mathieson left the court, his friend offered to pay for a taxi home. “My wallet is $7,000 lighter,” Mathieson said. The former hairdresser came into the public spotlight when he began dating then Labor deputy leader Julia Gillard in 2006. He became known as Australia’s “first guy” and moved to the Lodge when Gillard became Prime Minister in 2010. The reversal of traditional gender roles, a first for Australia, saw Mathieson take on tasks normally performed by wives of prime ministers. Mathieson’s relationship with the former prime minister quietly ended in late 2020 or early 2021, after they had been together for more than a decade. The incident occurred just weeks before Gillard publicly confirmed the couple had split. Mathieson is currently enrolled in a behavioral program for men that will begin early next year, his attorney confirmed.

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