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Rayanna Belle Brock, 23, has been arrested at least 11 times for crimes ranging from shoplifting in March 2018 to terrorism-related offenses in 2020 and theft of a firearm in January 2023.

Social media profiles with her name indicated that she was a member of a Kentucky sorority. In an Instagram story reel titled ‘mugshawty’ after the popular account that posts mugshots from across America, Brock shares his collection of 10 strong custody photos spanning the last five years when he was between the ages of 18 and 23. Brock’s latest post shows her beaming with dyed blonde hair as she wears an orange prison jumpsuit after being arrested in July 2020 for third-degree terroristic threat and second-degree stalking. The Kentucky-born Brock, who said her parents are currently serving time in jail, shared the image of her on Instagram along with the caption: “I’m screaming.” A person is guilty of terroristic threat in the third degree when threatening to commit a crime ‘likely to result in death or serious bodily injury to another person’ or ‘substantial damage to property’.

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Rayanna Belle Brock is 23 years old.

Kentucky ex-sorority dubbed the Queen of Chaos goes viral in TENTH mugshot

It also covers ‘intentionally making false statements in order to cause the evacuation of a building’ or public transportation system, adds the Kentucky Criminal Defense Lawyers definition. A convicted person is guilty of second degree stalking when he intentionally stalks another person and makes an implied or explicit threat that places him in fear of sexual contact, physical harm, or death. Sharing another beaming mugshot taken in Stanford, KY, after she was arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle just two months later, Brock said, “This is one of my favourites.” I stole a car, totaled it, and then brought it to my bedroom.’Mughots of her have also been shared by other people, who have appeared on the public account ‘mugshawtys’ which has more than 327,000 followers, describing her as ‘so cute but still a threat’.

Another person said, “I wish I could make my GTA (Grand Theft Auto) online character look like her.” Brock’s criminal activities have made local news before, with the Richmond Register reporting her 2021 arrest of her for allegedly stealing a state trooper’s hat and taser from her vehicle. On December 7 of that year, Brock was charged with burglary by unlawful appropriation, receiving stolen property, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and third-degree possession of an unspecified drug. Soldiers went to Brock’s quarters to question her about the stolen items, and she produced the $157 hat and $874 KSP-issued Taser, along with $10.30 in change from her room. They also saw a bag of marijuana, Xanax tablets and a weed pipe in a common place in her bedroom, along with a Family Dollar basket of clothes still attached with security tags. Brock allegedly tried to frame someone else for stealing the items from the cop and give it to him.

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