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Ravit Hana Assayag, A brave Israeli woman has been hailed a hero after she died in a hail of bullets trying to defend her settlement from Hamas gunmen.

Ravit Assayag was shot in the mouth during a firefight with a heavily armed gang who had stormed an Israeli settlement in the south of the country in the early hours of Saturday morning. Ravit, 19, an officer in Israel’s Border Force, was fatally wounded when she courageously rushed into a wooden shed when the Palestinian militants were hiding. The teenager had cut short a holiday in New York to return to Israel to fight terrorists in the village of Yakhini, less than ten miles from the border with Gaza. At her funeral on Monday night in Ashdod, southern Israel, her commanding officer praised the teenage officer for her bravery. Commander Baruch Honig told mourners: ‘Ravit insisted on going in first. She was killed but she saved the unit, she saved the operation. We were in an olive grove and had been fighting for several hours. We shot eight of them. Ravit killed three. ‘We thought they were all dead. We did a sweep of the area and Ravit went to check a shed in the olive grove. ‘She insisted on going in first. She asked me to cover for her. She was shot. But if she had not gone in there, he would have wiped us all out. She saved the unit.’

Just 72 hours earlier Ravit posed for a picture in Times Square where she was celebrating the Jewish festival of Sukkot – also known as the Feast of the Tabernacle – with her father Shimon. Every year the pair would travel to the USA to sell the ritual fruits known as ‘etrog’ – called citron in English – to members of New York’s Jewish community. But she insisted on returning to Israel three days before the end of the eight-day holiday to return to her post guarding the border with Gaza. Speaking for the first time, her heartbroken father has told of her bravery and her devotion to her country. Fighting back tears Shimon Assayag told MailOnline: ‘My daughter wanted to be a border guard. ‘I have brought up my children to do their duty for the nation. However, she did not have to go into the military, she could have some other kind of national service. ‘But she insisted on in joining a combat unit. She wanted to protect our country, to protect Israel.’

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Ravit Hana Assayag 19 years old.

Shot in the mouth during a gang shootout

Sitting on the floor of the family’s modest home in Ashdod, south of Tel Avi, Mr Assayag, 63, a businessman, told how she had urged his daughter to stay with him in New York and see out the religious holiday. He said: ‘Every year I go to New York, to Brooklyn and take the etrog fruits for Sukkot, and Ravit often came with me. But this year she told me she had to go back home. I said, “why don’t you don’t you stay until the end of Sukkot?” But she insisted on going back. She told me; “Dad, I have another family now, their name is the Border Police. I have to get back to them.” In New York they called her the “Iron Woman”.’ He added: ‘She was so talented. She was only 19 but I no longer had to support her. She was a singer and song writer, she was a professional make-up artist. She had her whole life ahead of her.’ Ravit joined a combat unit of the Israeli Border Guard just nine months ago. She was the third of her siblings to join the Israeli military.

Her mother Ruthie told MailOnline: ‘I have three children in the military, including Ravit – the army, the navy, the air force. ‘Another [of my children] is supposed to be drafted in July. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that does not happen. ‘I told Ravit that she was putting herself in danger by joining that unit. But she wouldn’t listen. She said: “People say I am strong, but how much of a hero can I be?'” As relatives and friends gathered at the Assayag home to offer their condolences, members of her unit joined the mourners. Her brother Maor, who is serving in the Israeli Navy, said: ‘She never said a bad word against anyone. Even when police officers were being insulted, she refused to say a bad word. She never complained.’ Her sister Eden described the pictures that Ravit had put on her bedroom wall as her own ‘Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial’ – honouring the memories of Jews killed by their oppressors. The bravery shown by Ravit and her comrades has been praised by an Israeli official who claimed they had prevented further deaths in the neighbouring settlement of Ofakim. MP Almog Cohen said: ‘The Border Police of the southern district, if they were not there, we would count bodies here in Ofakim – in the hundreds.’

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