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Ramón Ángel Abregú, 70, reentered Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago near the southern tip of the country, this week after crossing four border points, two in Argentina and two in Chile, without documents, according to local media Clarín. Abregú lived undetected in the Chaco Salteño jungle after his escape in February 2001, and reappeared after the statute of limitations on his crime ran out. He arrived at the Criminal Court of First Instance of Río Grande to request the prescription of the case, which indicates prescription. “The statute of limitations is 20 years, which is the time in which he managed to remain a fugitive living in hiding,” his lawyer Alejandro De la Riva told the local media. “He served his sentence that way.”

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Ramón Ángel Abregú is 70 years old.

Investigation Report

Abregú was sentenced to 20 years in prison in September 2000 for shooting his wife Eva Falcón, seven months pregnant, four times at a Rio Grande medical clinic in January of that year. He was found guilty of femicide, intentional gender-based homicide. Months after his sentencing, Abregú escaped to Chile in a truck heading to the Sebastián Border Crossing. He would then return to the country and live in the Northern Province, in the jungle, according to Clarín. He managed to escape from prison by taking advantage of security deficiencies, the local media reported. At that time there were three officers guarding 23 inmates. When Abregu’s absence was noticed during the shift change, he had already been absent for half a day. It is not clear if Abregú will be free to live out the remaining years of his life within society. He is currently detained at the Rio Grande Detention Unit while his defense requests his release. Sources close to the prosecution said his release “is not so automatic” as there are legal issues surrounding his case.

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