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Ragan Sierra Moreno, 28, is accused of providing Todd Whitfield, a Dallas County Jail inmate, with confidential case information that he used to threaten one of his brother’s alleged victims, according to court documents obtained by WFAA. She was booked into the county jail late last week on a charge of abuse of official capacity, but has since been released on bond. It is unclear if Moreno has hired another attorney to speak on her behalf and if he still works for the county. But as of Monday night, Moreno was still listed as eligible to practice law in the state of Texas. Moreno, who has only been employed by the Dallas County Public Defender’s Office for about eight months, was assigned to represent Whitfield in a misdemeanor vehicle theft case, unnamed law enforcement sources told WFAA. The two apparently fell in love and began a relationship, although Whitfield would later be imprisoned in the county jail for several violations of his probation. His petty theft case was dismissed and Moreno was no longer representing him at the time he allegedly provided her with the documents.

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Ragan Sierra Moreno was 28 years old.

Investigation Report

Dallas County Intelligence Bureau detectives said in court documents that they were alerted to the illicit relationship when they received a tip on Sept. 9 that Moreno had recently spent hours visiting him. Investigators then discovered that Moreno and Whitfield had communicated several times, according to his jail phone records, and Whitfield began calling Moreno using other inmates’ accounts to elude authorities, WFAA reports. The content of these messages was deeply personal, detectives said, leading them to believe the two were in a relationship. In a Sept. 5 call, detectives said Whitfield called Moreno as he was driving to a covered parking lot next to the Frank Crowley Courts building, which is adjacent to the North Tower Detention Center where he was being held. During the conversation, Whitfield allegedly told Moreno to meet him at the jail, telling him that he would be waving a towel in front of his cell window. Moreno then revealed that she was there to “expose herself to him,” according to court documents, but couldn’t because a vehicle marked by the Dallas County Marshal was nearby.

On Sept. 12, investigators said Whitfield called Moreno from jail and asked him to look into his brother’s criminal proceedings and information from the previous case. According to arrest documents, the attorney used her county-issued laptop to access restricted search engines to view criminal records and probable cause affidavits. She allegedly revealed to Whitfield the initials of at least three complainants or victims involved in her brother’s assault case and several family violence cases dating back to 2020. At one point, investigators say, the unidentified brother even joined the call while Whitfield and Moreno discussed the complainant in their pending assault involving serious bodily injury case. Later that day, investigators said Whitfield sent messages to a victim in the pending case, saying he “doesn’t have much jail time left” and that he “doesn’t care who the baby mama is.” In another message, he allegedly wrote: “I swear to Christ you haven’t met me, but you will and how you find me is all up to you.” If she is convicted, the most severe punishment Moreno could face is losing her license to practice law in the state of Texas.

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