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Rachel Rose Gibson, a grandma died ‘alone and curled up on the floor’ while waiting for an ambulance for more than five hours, despite living five minutes from the hospital, according to her family.

Rachel Rose Gibson, 58, was ‘neglected by emergency services’ when she died at her home in Wrexham, Wales, according to family members. According to family, the grandmother of seven contacted an ambulance at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 5, because she was coughing up blood and in chronic pain. However, by the time an ambulance arrived at 9:30 p.m., she had died.

Nikita, one of Rachel’s two daughters, claimed the circumstances of her mother’s death “haunt” her and had made it difficult for their family to “grieve properly.”‘She should’ve been a priority considering she was spewing blood,’ she claimed.’She only lives five minutes from the hospital, but she must have been in too much pain to take a taxi.’She was huddled up on the floor on a blanket, obviously in a lot of pain.

‘It bothers me to think she died alone and in such agony. I don’t think I can completely grieve since I’m so upset about what occurred. ‘I don’t think it’s urgent enough for the ambulance service. She was ignored and left to die alone. They should’ve shown up.’ Nikita and her sister Andrea, 39, have been greatly affected by their mother’s’shocking’ death, according to Nikita. She also stated that her mother had no prior physical health issues.They are awaiting blood test results to determine the cause of death, but Nikita believes it was a heart attack.

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Rachel Rose Gibson Age

Rachel Rose Gibson was 58 years old.

Woman died after waiting over five-hours for ambulance

On the day Rachel died, ambulance workers spent almost 700 hours waiting outside hospitals throughout Wales to hand over patients to our hospital colleagues. ‘It’s horrible that ambulances are actually being used as waiting rooms,’ Nikita added. ‘How come they can give billions of pounds to Ukraine but not our NHS hospitals and emergency services? They don’t know how long she had been dead when they arrived, but her face was crimson, so it had to be a while.

‘My mother was a generous and caring woman. She was in desperate need. She should have been a priority, and they should have arrived as soon as possible, rather than five and a half hours later.’ Nikita has since created a campaign to aid with her mother’s burial expenses. Following Ms Gibson’s death, Liam Williams, executive director of quality and nursing at the Welsh Ambulance Service, issued a statement. ‘We would want to express our heartfelt condolences to the Gibson family during this terrible time, and we would like to invite the family to contact us directly so that we can cooperate with them to ensure a thorough inquiry is conducted,’ he said.

On April 5, 2023, our ambulance crews spent over 700 hours waiting outside hospitals across Wales to hand over patients to our hospital colleagues, resulting in our ambulances being unable to attend to people waiting in the community. ‘We are working hard with health board colleagues and the Welsh Government to find answers to the long delays at emergency departments so that our crews can react, but these challenges are complicated and difficult to resolve.’

‘Our Emergency Department remains extremely busy, and we apologise that this is resulting in longer waiting times than we would like, despite the best efforts of our nursing and medical staff,’ said Michelle Greene, East integrated Health Community Director at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. ‘We continue to confront obstacles in transferring people from the hospital to appropriate housing or care services. ‘We are also working with the Welsh Ambulance Service to ensure that there are enough ambulances available to respond to community calls.’

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