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Quincy Zuma Wambitta Timberlake, 43, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his son Sinclair, who died at their home in Kallangur, north of Brisbane, on June 18, 2014. Police were initially told the young man had fallen down the stairs and was not breathing when emergency services were called to the home. Crown prosecutor Clayton Wallis said it was “difficult to determine what happened” to the boy because both Timberlake and his wife, Ether Timberlake, “obscured the true chronology of events.” He said that “due to the lies” told by the couple and “the deceptions” Timberlake has experienced since his death, the Crown was unable to determine the exact way the boy died, but the pressure on his abdomen was a factor. Mrs. Timberlake later told police that her husband had punched the young man in the stomach and also thrown him against a wall. She has since been convicted of being an accessory to the boy’s manslaughter after she tried to mislead police about her husband harming her son. It was never suggested that Mrs Timberlake had harmed her son.

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Quincy Zuma Wambitta Timberlake is 43 years old.

Investigation Report

The court heard that Mrs Timberlake eventually told police she had heard her husband say “the devil is gone” after punching the child in the stomach. Wallis said Timberlake’s mental health at the time had deteriorated due to the stress in his life, including his ongoing visa application and fear for the safety of his family. The court heard Timberlake had come to Australia as a refugee and was eventually granted a bridging visa after his wife was granted permission to sponsor him. Ms Timberlake had already been granted a visa in Australia. Judge Paul Freeburn sentenced Timberlake to 11 years in prison for the unlawful murder of Sinclair. However, he declared Timberlake eligible for parole on Friday after serving nine years and one month in pre-sentence custody. The court heard Timberlake had been seeking treatment for his mental health during his stay in custody. Timberlake announced in 2010 that he would run for president in Kenya under a political party he formed with his wife and the founder of Kenya’s Finger of God Church, Joseph Hellon.

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