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Priya Sahi, a TikTok star racially abused a Polish police officer after she was arrested for drinking in her car in an Asda car park, a court has heard. An ‘out of control’ TikTok star live-streamed her detention for driving drunk outside an Asda before racially insulting a Polish police officer who detained her in a booze-fueled slur.

Abusive In October of last year, Priya Sahi, also known as Queen Bee on the social media site, was discovered drunk in her Audi parked outside one of the supermarket’s locations in Swindon. The influencer, 29, was pulled from the car and handcuffed before shouting: ‘I’ve got no keys in my ignition, no keys in my ignition. I may set up my vehicle and drink. Why are you detaining me while I’m not driving? To her 100,000 fans, she live-streamed the entire arrest on TikTok.

Video captures Sahi stating that she does not comprehend PC Marcin Kozak, who was hired by Wiltshire Police in 2018 as the agency’s first Polish community support officer. A court heard that while being held, the woman continued to implore the officer, “Learn English you European whatever you are.” Sahi, of Swindon, Wiltshire, was taken into custody once more for a public order violation.

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Priya Sahi Age

Priya Sahi is 29 years old.

TikTok star racially abused cop in Asda car park, Arrested

The TikTok celebrity entered a guilty plea to an aggravated Section 4A Public Order Act allegation on Friday at Swindon Magistrates’ Court. According to prosecutor Keith Ballinger, the defendant had a 2015 conviction for racially aggravated assault. PC Kozak stated in a victim’s statement that as Sahi continued to make fun of his accent and nationality, he “did not even feel human at this point.” ‘I’m a serving officer and a citizen of Poland,’ he continued. Being a police officer required a lot of effort and bravery on my part; I had to demonstrate that my English was sufficient and pass examinations; I adhere to the same standards as my British coworkers. Almost daily, I hear some kind of disparaging remark.

The court was informed of Sahi’s conviction for this incident’s failure to submit a specimen of breath. She was detained in detention overnight and showed up in court the next day. She was detained on suspicion of drinking and driving in an unrelated event, but she once again refused to provide. Later, she admitted to the offense. Sahi is currently serving two driving bans concurrently and has racked up hundreds of pounds worth of fines as a result. Sandeep Kaushal, the defense attorney, claimed that his client apologizes to PC Kozak. She is ’embarrassed’ by what she said, he claimed, and she hopes her apologies can be accepted. He explained to the bench that Sahi was having a “traumatic time” and was “frustrated” since she was sharing her thoughts on TikTok as police were around her car.

She “spiraled completely out of control” when they took her into custody, Mr. Kaushal continued. He claimed she had a three-year-old boy and is a single parent who takes medication for postpartum depression and anxiety. The court assessed an £80 fine because of her inadequate financial resources. In addition, she must pay a £32 surcharge and £85 in fees. On the well-known social media site TikTok, Queen Bee has millions of likes in addition to hundreds of thousands of followers. She is well-known for regularly broadcasting her sometimes-controversial ideas to her audience while speaking a combination of Punjabi and English. She dances in many of her videos while wearing salwar suits, but in others, she sports more scant attire.

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