Prabjeet Veadhesa and Sukhman Shergill Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Jailed for stabbing Ronan Kanda to death in case of mistaken identity


Prabjeet Veadhesa and Sukhman Shergill Wiki – Biography

Prabjeet Veadhesa and Sukhman Shergill killed Ronan Kanda in broad daylight from his home in Wolverhampton after going after him with a ninja sword and machete.

Ronan, who was wearing headphones as he walked back from buying a PlayStation controller for a friend, was stabbed twice in the back by the boys, also 16. Now his mother Pooja Kanda wants to meet Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and has called for more toughness. laws and sentences for those who carry knives or sell them. She told the Daily Mirror: ‘I want to meet Mr Sunak and show him the pain I feel and beg him to do more. I want to talk to him about the legislation. ‘Why can’t they stop selling these knives online? Why are they available? What purpose do they have? They are for killing other human beings. ‘We need tougher punishments for carrying knives. There is no impediment. The penalties are a joke. I want answers, I want more surveillance, I want stronger sentences. I think this is the only way to end knife crime. Veadhesa and Shergill, now 17, were jailed for life last Thursday and named for the first time after a judge granted a request to lift reporting restrictions.

Ronan, who was not the intended victim of the attack but knew that Veadhesa, from Walsall, and Shergill, from Willenhall, was yards from the house he shared with his parents and his sister when he was attacked on Mount Road on a June night . 29, 2022. In what the judge, Justice Choudhury, called a “tragic coincidence”, Veadhesa and Shergill had seen Ronan leaving the house where his alleged victim lived and assumed that he was the boy they were looking for. The court heard that Ronan was followed and stabbed twice with an ‘egregious’ Ninja knife that Veadhesa had bought online, leaving him with an 8-inch-deep gash across his back and hip area and a wound 17 cm (7 in) chest deep. He was left to die in the street from wounds inflicted by Veadhesa, who, along with Shergill, fled the scene after realizing they had stabbed the wrong person and disposed of the weapons and clothing they were wearing. The court heard that Veadhesa had previously given the alleged victim some money, but he had not returned it, and the defendants had gone looking for him and ‘scare’ him into returning the cash.

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Prabjeet Veadhesa, 17, and Sukhman Shergill, 17, years old.

Two teenagers jailed for boy’s mistaken-identity murder in Wolverhampton

Earlier, on the day of the attack, Veadhesa had picked up the Ninja sword set and a large machete, which he had purchased online under an assumed name, at a local post office. Although Shergill did not inflict any blows on Ronan, it was discovered that he was a part of the joint venture in his murder, and a jury found both guilty after a five-week trial. At Wolverhampton Crown Court last week, Judge Mr Justice Choudhury called it a “cowardly attack” when he jailed Veadhesa for a minimum of 18 years and Shergill for a minimum of 16 years. He said: “The devastation caused by that dastardly attack, stabbing him in the back, is hard for his family to comprehend. His loss is incalculable. Nothing I do or say today can ease his pain. Ronan’s family and friends were in the courtroom last Thursday wearing black “Justice for Ronan” T-shirts to see the sentencing. They sobbed as tributes to the teenager from his father, sister and mother were read. Veadhesa and Shergill, both in black suits and ties, sat side by side on the bench and listened to the proceedings. They both looked at the ground as Mrs. Kanda tearfully paid homage to her son. She said she has “no desire to live anymore” since her son was taken from her.

She told the court: ‘I am proud of the man my son was in the short life he lived. ‘My relationship with my son was so pure. He had so much love and respect. He was my strength, my world, he was the son that every mother needs.’ Addressing the murderers of her son, Mrs. Kanda said: ‘This mother will never forgive them. If there is a God, they will show you the true justice my son deserves. Before their sentences were handed down, prosecutor David Mason KC said there was a “significant degree” of planning and premeditation. He said: “The weapons were ordered in advance.” They wore dark clothing to hide their identities, and both disposed of their weapons and clothing after the murder. “Ronan was not the intended victim, which makes this case even more tragic.” He was minding his own business, walking home from his friend’s house. ‘It was a brutal murder in broad daylight in front of members of the public. There is no real evidence of any true remorse for what they did that night. Defending Veadhesa, Adam Morgan said his client had no previous convictions and was of good character.

He said: ‘He is genuinely remorseful. It is something he will have to bear for the rest of his life.’ Timothy Hannam KC, defending Shergill, said his client should be treated more leniently than his accomplice. He said: ‘This was a joint enterprise offence but a distinction can be drawn between the two defendants. ‘Mr Veadhesa was the one who actually killed Ronan. Mr Veadhesa was the one who stabbed him, not Mr Shergill.’ Jailing the defendants, Mr Justice Choudhury, said it was ‘disturbing’ that such weapons could be bought ‘with ease’ online. He said the ‘cowardly’ attack had been part of a ‘trivial dispute’ over money. He told the defendants: ‘Ronan was a normal 16-year-old boy. He had nothing to do with gangs, drugs, violence or weapons. He didn’t even have any issues with either of you. He was targeted by mistake.’When you realised it was Ronan you had stabbed, instead of showing humanity you both ran, leaving your friend to die in the street.’

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