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Phillip Dafter, 32, a man killed his wife at their house before taking a train to London, where he told a conductor he was “evil and a bad man,” according to court testimony.

Diana Dafter, 36, was found dead in Lawrence Court, Northampton, last October. A jury was informed that Phillip Dafter, 32, had blood on his hands and abdomen and told the conductor at London Euston station that “he wanted to see the police.” At Northampton Crown Court, he accepted manslaughter but denied murder.

Mr Gordon Aspden KC, opening the prosecution’s case, stated that Ms Dafter was born and raised in Malawi before travelling to the UK, where she met Mr Dafter, who was also from the same African country. Mr Dafter, he added, had served in the army before working as a bus and HGV driver. According to the prosecution, the pair appeared “unremarkable” from the outside, but things were completely different behind the scenes.

He said that there was a growing climate of hostility and ill will between the defendant and Ms Dafter, who were on the point of divorce. Mr Dafter allegedly attacked his wife “repeatedly” with a knife, according to the court. The jury heard that she had cuts on both hands from pushing the knife away, as well as a serious stab wound to her heart.

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Phillip Dafter is 32 years old.

The murderer accused of Diana Dafter’s killing called himself an “evil and bad man”

According to the court, Mr Dafter travelled to a supermarket after the stabbing to buy a new pair of knives after breaking the weapon. He was alleged to have spoken pleasantries with a neighbour as he left the house, who described him as “his normal, happy, smiling self.” The court heard that after returning to the Lower Mounts flat where Ms Dafter was dead or dying, he drank whisky and stabbed himself in the abdomen.

The jury was informed that he changed his clothes and then went to Northampton train station to join a train to London. Mr Dafter, who was wobbling and wobbly on his feet when he arrived at London Euston, was alleged to have informed a train conductor that he “wanted to see the police” because he was “evil and a bad man.” The defendant, who was covered in blood, then told British Transport Police officers that he had murdered his wife, according to the court. Ms Dafter was deceased when Northamptonshire Police arrived at the couple’s home. Mr Aspden KC told the court she was “literally fighting for her life,” and a doctor said her death would not be sudden.

Diana Dafter was stabbed to death by her husband Phillip Dafter

Mr Dafter underwent a standard psychiatric mental health evaluation while in hospital and was alleged to have told a psychiatrist he was led to the event by his wife “going on and on at him,” adding it was a “moment of madness.” According to the court, he informed the psychiatrist that on the morning of the death, he and his wife argued about the car’s MOT, and he picked up a knife and stabbed her. The defendant was examined by police a week later, but he used his right to silence and said “no comment,” according to the court.

The trial is still ongoing.

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