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Peter chadwick and Quee choo chadwick Wiki – Peter chadwick and Quee choo chadwick Bio

The Chadwicks seemed like the perfect couple. Married for 21 years, the couple was raising three children in a $2.5 million mansion in California’s posh Newport Beach community.

While Peter was working, Quee Choo, a Malaysian native known affectionately as “Q.C.”, was a doting housewife with her children.

But everything changed on October 10, 2012. Police were alerted to the couple’s home when neither parent picked up two of their three children from their private school in Huntington Beach.

At the house, police found an open safe in the downstairs office. In an upstairs bathroom there was a broken red vase and blood spatter. and quality control was nowhere to be found.

“That’s when it seemed like something was fishy,” retired Lt. Ryan Peters of the Newport Beach Police Department said in an interview with 20/20, for a two-hour episode about the case to air Friday, Oct. 21 on ABC. (Below is an exclusive clip from the episode.)

Millionaire and long-time fugitive Peter Chadwick pleads guilty to strangling and drowning his wife in 2012
“Before I took a step, I realized this didn’t look like the rest of the house. I could see a broken vase along the edge of the bathtub. As soon as I saw the blood, I knew there was a story there.” . Peters says.

Peter chadwick and Quee choo Chadwick Age

Peter chadwick, 57, and his wife Quee choo chadwick was 46 years old.



Things took a grim turn the next day when San Diego police received a 911 call from Chadwick from a pay phone at a local gas station. He claimed that a house painter he hired, who said his name was “Juan,” killed Q.C. in the couple’s bathroom.
The police didn’t buy it. In a later interview, detectives noted scratches on Chadwick’s neck and dried blood on his hands, and he refused to answer questions about QC’s death. Authorities concluded that Juan did not exist and that there were underlying tensions between the couple over money and Chadwick’s affairs.

He was arrested on October 11 at the Mexican border in San Diego and charged with the murder of Q.C.

He led authorities to a dumpster in San Diego County where they found her wrapped in a blanket.
He posted $1 million bail after two months in jail and surrendered his passports. He was living with his father in Santa Barbara in 2015 when he disappeared without a trace.

US Marshals, who were tasked with finding him, learned that Chadwick had been reading books about changing his identity and “living off the grid.”

Finally, on August 4, 2019, he was finally captured near Puebla, Mexico, after authorities learned that he was receiving assistance from people close to his family.

‘American nightmare’? Inside the life of the millionaire family before dad allegedly strangled mom
In February 2022, Chadwick pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of his wife. He was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

The two-hour episode 20/20 airs on Friday, October 21 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC and the next day on Hulu.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. An estimated 10 million people a year are physically abused by an intimate partner, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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