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PD Jax Death

PD Jax, a police dog was shot to death after biting his handler while searching for a missing person. Jax, a six-year-old dog who had served with Lancashire Police for more than five years, was shot dead by armed officers after the animal’s handler suffered a leg injury. The force said officers were forced to kill the animal after it “became aggressive” during a search for a missing person in a village near Preston, Lancashire, this morning. The dog, which was a cross between a Belgian Malinois and a Dutch Shepherd, was specially trained to find people hiding in the water.  Jax had previously spotted criminals hiding on the canal, and in 2020, he pursued a drunk driver who fled the scene after crashing a car. Last year, PD Jax helped track down a vulnerable woman in her 20s who went missing up a mountain.

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PD Jax Shot to death

Last July, the dog also caught a driver hiding in the bushes who was later arrested for dangerous driving and drug driving without insurance or a license. The police dog handler sustained a serious upper leg injury and remains in hospital. Police said attempts were made to restrain the dog, but “failed”. The force added: “All efforts to contain the dog failed and given the continued threat to the injured officer and other patrols, PD Jax was shot at the scene by armed officers and sadly died.” Police were searching for a missing person in a field in Walton-le-Dale when the incident occurred. Lancashire Police Superintendent Hassan Khan said the force was devastated by what happened and the outcome.

Khan said: “This is never an easy decision for any officer to make, but police have a duty to act where necessary before further injury is caused, either to officers or to the public.” We would never put anyone at risk of further harm. These are highly trained working dogs that do skilled work, but like any dog, they can present a danger in certain circumstances. “We know how much people in Lancashire and beyond, as well as our own staff, love our dogs.” He added: ‘Our thoughts are much with the injured officer as he undergoes treatment for serious leg injuries and he receives our full support. Under the circumstances, the incident will be reviewed in due course.” No members of the public were involved in the incident. The force said the missing person was later found safe and sound.

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