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Paul Hinchcliffe, a married police officer who pulled down a young woman’s blouse and photographed her breasts on a night out was jailed for eight months. Paul Hinchcliffe, a 46-year-old father of four, was sent to prison on Friday for sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman at a Whatspoons pub in Wath upon Dearne, South Yorkshire, in October 2020.

Hinchcliffe, who was a South Yorkshire Police officer, opened the woman’s blouse and “photographed her breasts” while making “orgasm noises” before sending the image to a colleague, the Crown Court of London heard Leeds. He later sent the woman, who lived with her parents and was ‘brought to tears’, WhatsApp messages accompanied by ‘masturbation emojis’ and said ‘God I would do it to you, is that bad?’

Paul Hinchcliffe Age

Paul Hinchcliffe is 46 years old.

South Yorkshire cop pulled down woman’s top and took a picture in sexual assault

Judge Robin Mairs said Hinchcliffe’s behavior betrayed police officers who do a “decent and committed job” and makes women “mistrustful of the police force”. him saying, ‘I’m going to have shit with that tonight. He then began throwing beer foam at his chest in what the judge decided was him faking semen, the court heard. Later that night, Hinchcliffe overheard his victim mention that she wanted breast augmentation because she had the “breasts of a 12-year-old girl,” to which he commented that she had the “butt of a 12-year-old girl.” . The 18-year-old said in an impact statement: ‘All my trust in the police has just gone. I used to feel safe when I saw the cops. I never think that now.

“He sexually assaulted me when he should have been in a role protecting people.” The jury also heard a police interview in which the woman said she had chosen to go through with a ‘breast change’ knowing that the photo of her breast was ‘making the rounds’. She said: “I was so aware of the fact that people had been looking at a photo.” Knowing that there was a photo, obviously she encouraged me to do it so soon. ‘I had a phone appointment, but I think I ended up buying a car with financing, so I just dropped it because I couldn’t afford it. “It’s something I’ve always felt self-conscious about, but I think after this and knowing there was a photo going around, it’s pretty embarrassing, I think that made me even more encouraged to have it so soon.” Katherine Pierpoint, defending Hinchcliffe, said he was a “family man” and had received praise for his character from former colleagues. She said: ‘He was an officer for 20 years.

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Resigned from the police force

He was highly regarded by friends and colleagues. This is behavior that they are extremely shocked about. He has resigned from the police force, a job he was good at. It was something he had wanted to do for a long time, and he is a family man, supported by his wife and his four children. He knows that his behavior was out of character. However, Judge Mairs said in his sentencing comments that he had no choice but to sentence Hinchcliffe to prison immediately. He said: ‘In the circumstances of this case, and for the reasons I have just set out, sexual crimes committed by police officers, recorded, disseminated to others, are crimes for which the only appropriate punishment can be achieved by immediate arrest.’

He was also ordered to join the sex offender registry for ten years. South Yorkshire Police Chief Lauren Poultney said on Friday: “This case shows that South Yorkshire Police will not tolerate wrongdoing and poor standards.” “Whether our officers and staff are on duty or not, the public rightly expects us to portray true police values at all times and this former officer sadly fell short of these expectations. “I am aware that this hearing follows the publication of the Casey report last week and I wish to reassure our communities that here at South Yorkshire Police we are doing absolutely everything possible to root out those who are unfit to represent their force. “. She added: “Standards and culture of force continue to be my top priority and when bad practices and bad standards are identified, the perpetrators will be dealt with quickly and firmly.”

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