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Paul Anthony Cannon, 55, was sentenced by the Supreme Court of Western Australia on Friday to life in prison for the stabbing murder of Lynn Cannon, 51, in December last year. Cannon also received a 19-year non-parole period. When Judge Anthony Derrick handed down the sentence, Cannon’s family and supporters erupted in applause in the public gallery. Among them was Ms Cannon’s sister, Jacqueline Darley, who read her victim impact statement to the court during the sentencing. At one point she stopped and shouted at Mr. Cannon: “Look at me, you coward.” He remained seated on the bench with his head in his hands, refusing to meet her gaze. The court was told Cannon used two kitchen knives to repeatedly stab his ex-partner to death at his home on Hardcastle Ave in Landsdale. Prosecutor David Lima described the attack as “particularly savage.” “This murder was motivated by increasing and festering possessiveness, anger, jealousy and selfishness,” Mr. Lima said.

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Paul Anthony Cannon is 55 years old.

Investigation Report

This murder was particularly savage as he used, of all weapons, a kitchen knife, to stab the victim not once, not twice, but repeatedly in the chest seven times. “All while he repeatedly shouted: ‘I told you I was going to kill you.'” The court heard that Cannon had previously told her landlord that he would kill her using swords she owned and sent her abusive text messages saying things like she was “hoping and praying she was dead” and that she “died painfully”. On the day of the murder, Cannon and her former partner got into a heated argument, prompting neighbors to call the police. Mr Cannon’s landlord is believed to have found Mr Cannon stabbing Lynn Cannon, repeatedly shouting: “I told you I was going to kill you.” In Friday’s sentencing, Judge Derrick described the attack as “protracted and vicious.” Ms Darley’s victim impact statement details learning of the death of Ms Cannon, who had separated from Mr Cannon two years earlier.

“I received a video call from my sister Jennie, who uttered those devastating words: ‘Paul stabbed Lynn, she took her from us,'” Mrs Darley told the court. “I screamed, ‘no, no, no,’ my head was spinning and I couldn’t take it in. Please tell me she was hurt, anything else, but not that she was gone. “I looked at her face, her pain and desolation… I could hear my mother sobbing in the background, “my baby, my baby.” Cannon’s defense attorney argued that his client has no prior convictions, other than traffic violations, and had no history of physical violence against Cannon. He tried to argue that this should be a mitigating factor in the sentence, but was rejected by Judge Derrick. Ms Cannon’s death sparked conversations about domestic violence, culminating in talks between the WA Government, WA Police and domestic violence advocacy groups in Perth in August. The incident also sparked a police investigation into response times, after it was revealed that it took officers an hour and 15 minutes to respond to triple zero calls made in the wake of the murder.

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