Patrolman Kevin Ruditsky Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Manalapan cop Arrested after stalking 16-year-old girl


Patrolman Kevin Ruditsky Wiki – Patrolman Kevin Ruditsky Biography

Patrolman Kevin Ruditsky, 46, allegedly began pursuing his underage victim during an annual community night out while in uniform and representing the Manalapan Township Police Department. He began harassing her at Manalapan’s National Night Out, an event meant to connect police officers with the local community, and sent her sexually explicit photos and messages through social media, despite her repeatedly telling him she was 16. years, prosecutors said. The police officer then pulled her over several days after her and turned off her dash cam and body camera before illegally handcuffing her in an attempt to kiss her. He conducted searches for the underage victim’s name in police databases, despite having no reason to do so, according to prosecutors. And on one occasion he parked her police cruiser in front of her house, even though she never gave him her address.

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Patrolman Kevin Ruditsky is 46 years old.

Manalapan cop charged with stalking teenage girl, illegally detaining her in handcuffs

The officer, who was suspended with pay when the investigation began but has since been suspended without pay, was arrested Wednesday and is currently being held in the Monmouth County Jail. He was charged with second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, second-degree official misconduct, third-degree computer theft, third-degree hindering apprehension, fourth-degree stalking and false imprisonment; The last charge is a crime of disorderly conduct. Monmouth County Prosecutor Raymond Santiago said Thursday: “For a sworn member of law enforcement to begin such an egregious violation of the public’s trust while in uniform at an event specifically intended to strengthen trust among law enforcement and the public is, in a word, unscrupulous.”

It was absolutely imperative to act quickly to address this conduct, which culminated in the charges that were announced today.” “The men and women of the Manalapan Township Police Department are held to the highest moral and ethical standards, and I am concerned that the actions of one individual could tarnish the reputation of all of us,” said Manalapan Police Chief, Edward Niesz. “We are deeply saddened and disturbed that a man wearing one of our uniforms betrayed the trust of this victim. “I want to emphasize that this department will continue to provide our community with the most professional service with integrity and compassion, as we always have.” He added that the police department is cooperating with local prosecutors. MailOnline has contacted the Manalapan Township Police Department and an attorney representing Kevin Ruditsky for comment.

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