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Patrick ‘Paddy’ Fearon, In County Armagh, the funeral of a young man who died while attempting to rescue another person from the River Lagan was held.

Patrick Fearon had “died a hero,” according to the congregation at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The 30-year-old had recently relocated to Belfast for a position as a data analyst in the health sector. A man died in the early hours of Friday morning after falling into the water at Belfast’s Lagan Weir, according to police.

According to reports, Mr. Fearon put a life ring into the water before entering to ensure that the other person could reach it. A woman was pulled from the river and transported to the hospital for treatment.

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Patrick ‘Paddy’ Fearon was 30 years old.

Patrick ‘Paddy’ Fearon Death

Mr. Fearon was described as a compassionate, bold man with a terrific sense of humor by St Patrick’s. When he was 14, he rescued his sister, Eisha, and their dogs from a house fire. According to Fr Emmanuel Fasakin, Mr. Fearon’s life of “active action” proved his deep love for others around him.

“He was never afraid to express his love for any of his friends and was willing to go to any length to express and act out that love,” he said. Fr Fasakin went on to say that Patrick “died a hero saving a life” and “taught us all a lesson.”

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